RICA opens for 2020 academic year applications

On 27 February 2020 at 02:32

The Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) has published a call for applications from candidates interested in studying at their campus for the 2020 academic year. RICA is located in Gaharwa village, Mwendo cell, Gashora Sector, Bugesera District and was officially inaugurated in 2019. RICA offers a hands-on education in conservation agriculture that is based on the philosophy that economic growth requires a better understanding of the drivers of agricultural change and its contribution to poverty reduction, food security, and nutrition.

Registration starts on February 26th, 2020 and will close March 25th, 2020. Apply Now!
Applicants must be willing to focus on development strategies and agricultural practices that encourage inclusive rural growth and to work with local farmers, industry, and authorities to implement those practices.

Requirements include being a Rwandan national, demonstrating leadership and entrepreneurship skills, being fluent in English, and having completed high school in 2019 with not less than a note of 40 for those who sat for Rwanda Education Board (REB) national examinations and 36 for those who sat for Workforce Development Authority (WDA) examinations.

Applicants who are accepted receive a full, three-year scholarship covering school fees, insurance, accommodations, and meals.

RICA staff stated that they are looking for innovative students who have a passion for agriculture. Graduates are expected to identify solutions and leverage technology to put to maximum use of the available land resources in Rwanda.

Students in the three-year program earn a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation Agriculture and can specialize in enterprises such as Animal Production, Crop Production, Mechanization and Food Processing.

RICA’s curriculum is designed to support students in learning, conducting experiments and practicing theories at different scales — from smallholder farming to irrigated/mechanized agriculture. Students are also taught leadership, entrepreneurship, and networking skills. RICA has the particularity of offering English-only lessons compared to other agriculture programs in different universities in Africa.

For more information, visit RICA website www.rica.rw, their Instagram @rica_rwanda and Facebook page at facebook.com/rica.education.rw or send an email to [email protected]

RICA operates as a partnership between the Government of Rwanda, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The RICA has published a call for applications from candidates interested in studying at their campus for the 2020 academic year.