RNP cautions during festive season

On 24 December 2019 at 12:47

The festive season is here, let’s start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020. As the RNP, it is our duty to ensure that all people in #Rwanda enjoy the festive celebrations safely and free of any harm.

We wish that we all enter 2020 safely, which is why we take this opportunity to remind you that no celebration is worth risking your life for. Don’t drink and drive.

Don’t forget the dangers of drunk-driving &over-speeding. Neither you nor someone else should be a victim.

For your safety, bear in mind that there are some wrongdoers - like drunk drivers- who exploit the festive season to rob you of your happiness. It’s your right to be safe and it’s our responsibility to ensure your safety. Report them to us and you will have saved a life or two.

Security organs are ready to ensure security & safety for all during the festive season; however, it requires everyone’s active involvement. If you’ have a car and intend to drink alcohol while enjoying the festive season, make sure you have a sober person to drive you after.

There is some level of excitement that comes with the festive season and understandably so. However, do not use it as an excuse to violate traffic regulations and endanger your life and that of others - speed kills.

There may be traffic diversion here and there, we ask that you (as you always do) bear with the inconvenience and comply. These are always done in good faith and our traffic officers are always available to facilitate you to easily accessible alternate routes.

Those who wish to host events during this festive season should inform local authorities ahead of time. The aim is to secure the premises so that you host your entertainment event without fear of any harm to yourself and anyone at the event.

Pubs and bar owners, be part of the good cause of keeping our communities safe.

These are your customers and your business needs them to be repeat customers: Do NOT serve alcohol to someone who is already drunk.

This also goes to all premises where alcohol is served: We remind that it is prohibited to serve alcohol to minors - that is persons under 18 years of age. Let’s work together to protect our children; they are Rwanda’s future.

So far, several events have been organized across the country. Some have secured the appropriate license; others are in the process of securing them. These licenses carry with them responsibilities. We appeal to all to abide by the relevant laws and regulations.

As always, RNP officers will be available for any questions or clarifications. They are prepared to serve you, so feel free to engage any one of them at any place or time.
In case of an emergency, here are the RNP Toll-Free Lines: *

*For all emergencies 112
* Traffic Accidents 113 * Ambulance services 912
* Fire Brigade 111
* Marine 110
* Complaints against a police officer 3511

RNP officers will be available for any questions or clarifications.