Rotary Club District 9150 Governor concludes visit in Rwanda, calls for peaceful continent

On 27 August 2019 at 01:29

The Governor of Rotary Club District 9150, Anna Kemajou Nkodia has concluded her visit to Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with a call on Rotary Club members to expand the club’s activities and transform Africa into a peaceful continent.

She made the call on Saturday 24th August 2019 during a bidding farewell ceremony organized by Rotary Club members in Rwanda.

The event brought together members of Rotary Club from Burundi and Rwanda, the Chief Operations Officer at Business Development fund (BDF), Albert Mugisha among others.

Nkodia from Cameroun started her visit to Rwanda on 7th August 2019 during which she visited different projects of Rotary clubs in Rwanda.

These include the project of building the accommodation of cancer patients from Kanombe Military Hospital, the project training women on sewing and cook using biogas to preserve environment and Rotary club’s public library in Kacyiru.

During her visits, Nkodia tasked members to enlarge the club’s activities.

“You were not a small number over the past three years but we need to keep growing. There are a lot of activities to be done for the needy people requiring kind people. You have to think about such activities beneficial to the society,” she said.

Rotary in Africa has approximately 33,000 members whose activities support Governments’ initiatives promoting citizens’ welfare.

Governor Nkodia reminded members that such activities will thrive if members keep increasing to be extended to more beneficiaries.

She called for increased mobilizations to inform people of Rotary Club activities which might lead to attracting new members.

Governor Nkodia said more solutions addressing problems affecting the society will undoubtedly if the club is widely expanded.

“That is why I always ask you to keep bringing in new members who will sit together and discuss peace. I joined Rotary Club not for the sake of credits but to cement universal initiatives extending support to everyone including access to water and education among others. This will make Africa, a peaceful continent if we share what we have,” she advised.

Nkodia observed that donating to the needy doesn’t require a large amount of wealth but a kind heart is enough to engage in acts of generosity.

Rugera Jeannette, the Assistant District Governor who represents the District Governor in Rwanda. explained that the training meant to expand the club was held before bidding farewell to the District Governor. It was also attended by members from Burundi.

“When people learn about the Rotary club’s activities supporting citizens, they get an inspiration to join its initiatives. That is why we are encouraged to be active in mainstream media and social media communicating our deeds,” she said.

Rotary Club Rwanda has been contributing to various community projects in education, agriculture, and health among other sectors of development.

For instance, Rotary Club Butare partnered with Rotary International to buy a scanner among other medical equipment; Rotary Club Kigali-Doyen partners with King Faisal Hospital in Rwf 100 million project to bring heart surgery services for kids.

Rotary Club also organizes Medicare initiative under which Rotary Clubs from Rwanda and India collaborate to bring specialist doctors to conduct surgery for most complicated conditions.

Rugera welcomed that everyone with a kind heart to join the club. Joining Rotary Club is free.

Rotary club is an organization purposed to bring together businesses and professionals to provide humanitarian services and providing support in addressing problems facing the world by combating illiteracy and poverty, contributing to the provision of safe water, handling disputes and fighting disease.

Rwanda has six clubs of Rotary Club including, Kigali Mont Jali, Musanze, Kigali Virunga, Kigali Doyen, Gasabo and Butare with 104 members.

Rotary Club District 9150 was established in 1982. It comprises of Rwanda, Burundi, Cameroun, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Tchad, and Sao Tomé-et-Principe.

The Governor of Rotary Club District 9150, Anna Kemajou Nkodia has concluded her visit to Rwanda
Governor Nkodia called for increased mobilizations to inform people of Rotary Club activities which might lead to attracting new members.