Rubavu woman arrested with 2000 pellets of cannabis

On 27 September 2019 at 07:13

A woman from Rubavu district identified as Sarah Iyakaremye, 31, was arrested on Wednesday after she was found in possession of 2000 pellets of cannabis.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kayigi, the Police spokesperson for the Western region, said that Iyakaremye was arrested in Gisenyi Sector following a tip-off by local residents.

“Police responded and arrested her, red-handed, with 2000 rolls of cannabis. She said she works with another person, who traffics the narcotics from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through illegal borders,” he said.

“It is a chain of drug dealers from DRC to Rubavu and to other parts of the country; Iyakaremye was at the time of her arrest trying to send the narcotics to another dealer in Kigali. She was supposed to be paid Rwf50, 000. Law enforcement agencies are working together to track and arrest other members of the ring,” CIP Kayigi explained.

He added that illicit drugs pose a threat to the country’s future as it is mostly used by the youth that they are also among major influences for other criminal acts like theft, assault, GBV, and other child-related crimes.

CIP Kayigi commended the role of the public in breaking chains of drug dealers. He further warned of an increased crackdown on dealers and called for strengthened efforts through information sharing.