Rwanda accommodates Burundi students who failed to return home

On 17 March 2020 at 08:54

The government of Rwanda is providing accommodation to students from Burundi that have been attending school here, after facing challenges of returning to their country following the closure of schools in Rwanda as a measure of controlling coronavirus spread.

Closing schools, churches and other places where many people meet came into effect on Saturday when the first person was diagnosed with coronavirus in Rwanda.

The Ministry of Education in Rwanda shouldered the burden of transporting students home. Trouble dawned for those from Burundi studying in Rwanda in the southern who could not travel home.

The Minister of State in the ministry of education in charge of technology, vocational training, and skills, Irere Claudette, told IGIHE that students who did not manage to go home on Sunday evening were many but that now only 11 remain.

”Yesterday we began the exercise of transporting them from their schools. Announcements show the Burundi border is closed and so students or others it seems may not be allowed to enter the country. We have accepted to accommodate them as usual.”

We have not had the actual number. We have now a few from the southern province. As we continue getting more from other provinces, in the evening, we will have an estimate of how many they may be. Some schools in Kigali had accepted to accommodate students. We only have to tighten cleanliness measures. In Rwandan style, we have to be by their side, feed them as it has been at their own schools.”

The process of returning students home began in the southern province, one said to have more students than others equivalent to 40% of all students in the whole country. Vehicles to transport them became few hence resuming the activity on this Monday.
Irere who was speaking from Kigali Stadium in Nyamirambo where students are being received from their respective schools said: “that is the work, we shall leave when all will have gone.”

There is news going around that some people tried to enter Burundi from Rwanda. It was confirmed all had to be quarantined for two weeks. This is when one can be confirmed contracted Coronavirus. In those days all signs and symptoms will have become obvious.

There is news that those who managed to enter Burundi from Rwanda were parked in military vehicles numbering 300 and taken to Ngozi in a place called “Paramedical” and quarantined to avoid transferring Corona Virus into the country.

Alternative news is that they were denied food and water; no enough sanitary equipment hence maltreatment.

The government of Rwanda is providing accommodation to students from Burundi that have been attending school here