Rwanda chosen for the launch of KORA Coaching & Business Academy

On 14 February 2018 at 08:51

KORA Coaching Group LTD (KORA) and Career Women’s Network Kigali (CWNK), have entered into a partnership in order to accelerate each organization’s vision to empower business women in Rwanda. KORA is set to launch its KORA Coaching & Business Academy(KCA) fully in the second half of 2018.

Through this partnership KORA has made a provision for CWNK members to benefit from an exclusive first access to its Coaching & Business

Academy. With CWNK launching is new membership structure, the Network’s members will be counted among the exclusive soft-launch with women only as Coaches-In-Training.

Why is the Coaching Academy Relevant to Rwanda?

1. Professional Development

Africa (including Rwanda) has the largest population of youth amounting to almost 50% of the continent. The younger majority of Africans need access to Coaching & Business skills academies with a local context and at world- class standards. Currently, In Rwanda, there is a scarce supply of Rwandan companies providing internationally recognized coaching programs, in addition to the ability to train and raise a generation of Professional Coaches. Most Coaching service providers are being sourced from outside Rwanda. Kenya, South Africa, the UK & USA are the main countries delivering coaching services in Rwanda. Acquisition of international coaching services is costly and tends to be a less consistent approach due to short term nature of coaching programs. Therefore this leaves a narrow room for services consumption thereby not contributing to long term development of professionals.

Made-In-Rwanda Solution for the Coaching Industry

2.Coaching Industry Development

The current consumer driven status does not necessarily leave room for Job creation in the Coaching Industry. Hence little social impact is made as the local sector development is limited.

In the USA alone, Business Coaching Industry amounts to a revenue of $11 billion, with an annual growth of 3.5% of which 51,946 businesses contribute to the local economy with over 88,222 registered private companies.

A study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) & International Coaches Federation (ICF) 2016 shows that annual revenue from the Coaching Industry in Africa amounts to $73 million. This figure predominantly comes from contributors in South Africa & Kenya. In the same study, it is recorded that an average annual income of a Coach practitioner is of $35,900 (or $2,991 monthly income).

With the launch of KORA Coaching & Business Academy (KCA), the intended outcomes are to bring home grown solutions for local and international markets right from Rwanda.

2. Women Leading the Coaching Industry in Rwanda

The partnership between KORA & Career Women’s Network Kigali is intended to set women at the forefront of the coaching industry. The purpose of selected women as sole participants during the Academy’s soft-launch are the following:

a.To solidify the coaching industry in Rwanda: By training women as Coaches at the Academy, a pool of Rwandan Professional Coaches are to be trained to deliver highly reputable coaching models directly from Rwanda.

b.The Development of a solid Coaching Industry will not only cater for domestic demand, it will also add a competitive edge for Rwanda vis-a-vis peer nations on the continental and global stages.

c.The ability to attract international students to KORA Coaching & Business Academy in Rwanda, will present opportunities for Rwanda to be the go-to destination of world-class international courses.

d.The Academy’s vision is to contribute to the country’s vision to become a MICE destination. This will be achieved with delivery of various Coaching Workshops, Seminars and conferences.

e.To export Rwandan Coaches to the world: therefore reversing the consumer status and transforming Rwanda into a sure contributor in the global coaching industry.

The Academy Soft-Launch & Global launch

A global launch, open to all participants is scheduled for the second half of 2018. The soft-launch exclusive to women will be officially announced at CWNK monthly meeting on 8th February 2018 at Kigali Golf Club from 6pm to 8pm. Certification Core modules lined up for the soft-launch include modules on:

Life Coaching
Leadership Development
Sales & Business Development

Both KORA & CWNK have a historical track record of supporting Women’s professional development.

About KORA Coaching Group Ltd (KORA): KORA Coaching & Business Academy, is wholly owned by KORA Coaching Group Ltd. The group, formerly known as KORA Associates Ltd. It has its offices in South Africa & in Kigali Heights, where it intends to run the soft launch in March 2018. KORA’s CEO is a Certified Coactive Coach from the Coaches Training Institute in USA. She has developed Coaching Models inline with the International Coaches Federation (ICF) with a made-in-Rwanda flavor. Her passion is to see the Coaching industry thrive and generate a revenue to the local economy while birthing a new breed of Rwandan Professional Coaches able to compete with the international market.

In 2017, KORA led by its CEO, Mireille KARERA, was awarded by the African Leadership Magazine & Amazon’s Watch Magazine among “Africa’s Top 25 Distinguished Women in Business Excellence”.

In 2016, KORA, then known as KORA Associates, brought the Global Women’s Summit to Rwanda in association with the IFC World Bank Group & New Faces New Voices. During the summit, Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs were awarded RWF 22 Million seed capital raised in collaboration with Rwandan Commercial Banks.

About The Career Women’s Network Kigali (CWNK):

CWNK is a heterogeneous network and community of over 400 career women of all nationalities working in or with Rwanda and leading teams, projects, organizations and companies and committed to helping other women move up the professional ladder. The organisation is firmly rooted in Kigali, Rwanda, and from this sturdy home base is ready to connect professional women in the region, in Africa and beyond.

CWNK holds a belief that through connecting influential women across all sectors of the economy and all nationalities who are professionally active in Rwanda (and beyond), it can break down barriers for all women and future generations of women here in the city of Kigali, our country Rwanda, our continent Africa and indeed, our world.

CWNK empowers its to thrive professionally and personally and empower other women to reach the next levels of their careers. CWNK hires women, coach and mentor women, promote women, seizes opportunities to take our collective careers and the sisterhood to the next level. CWNK encourages to do business from women for women, invest in women, learn from women and to be inspired by women.

In line with the mission to connect and empower carer women in Rwanda and beyond, it is with delight to partner with KORA Coaching Group Ltd (KORA) in the KORA Coaching & Business Academy (KCA) to equip our members with professional and international class Coaching skills at a special rate during the soft-launch. Learning is one of CWNK’s values and for that reason, CWNK seizes opportunities to grow personally and professionally. CWNK encourages the spirit of curiousity, continuously learning and growth. As an organization CWNK Leadership teams are always eager to promote new ideas and opportunities. New members who will seize this opportunity will be welcomed to the family of Career Women’s Network Kigali.

To learn more about the KORA and CWNK Coaching of Coaches package, meet the founders at the Women and Wellness event on 8th February starting 6pm at the Kigali Golf Club. Entrance is only 20,000 Rwf.

Mireille Karera Ineza, the Kora Coaching Group Chief Executive Officer.
Lucy Schalkwijk, Career Women Network representative in Rwanda