Rwanda Investigation Bureau receives 39 complaints related to genocide ideology

On 11 April 2020 at 02:32

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has announced that five days after the 26th commemoration against Tutsi started, they have received 39 complaints of individuals suspected of genocide denial and ethnic discrimination.

RIB stated that a few suspects have already been apprehended while further investigation proceeds.

Most of the cases received by RIB during the commemoration period are related to genocide ideology, use of ethnic slurs, intimidating or threatening survivors and other criminal acts done out of spite against survivors.

Umuhoza Marie Michelle, RIB spokesperson told IGIHE "Currently, we are investigating 39 cases related to genocide denial and a few suspects have been arrested."

Prof Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, President of Ibuka said that denialism should be criminalized to prevent the matter from escalating further.

"Denialism is one of the stages of genocide and should never be tolerated. We have survivors whose cows were hacked to death or whose crops were destroyed by neighbors who still perpetrate genocide ideologies. We must act before the same people resort to more severe crimes."

Some of the victims who have filed complaints include Uwamahoro Maritha, a resident of Kirehe district who says that a few hours before commemoration activities started, unidentified criminals hacked down her plantain field. The same scenario happened on April 7th in Ruhango district to Nyiramporampoze Chantal.

In Nyarusange sector, Muhanga district, Gashogi Innocent, a genocide survivor claims neighbors uprooted his cassava and yam plantation.

Last year, RIB reported that crimes portraying genocide ideology had considerably reduced compared to the two previous years.

In 2019, during the commemoration period, RIB received 72 cases related to genocide ideology and denialism while 69 suspects were arrested.

Among the 72 cases, 25 were from the Southern Province, 27 from the Eastern Province, 3 from the West, 7 from the North and 10 from Kigali

During the commemoration period in 2018, 72 crimes related to genocide ideology were reported compared to 117 crimes in 2017.

Law Nº 59/2018 pertaining to the crime of genocide ideology and related crimes states that convicts of genocide ideology and perpetration are liable for 5 to 7 years of imprisonment and a fine between Rwf 500,000 and a million.

RIB has announced they have received 39 complaints of individuals suspected of genocide denial and ethnic discrimination.