Rwanda invited to attend 45th G7 Summit in France

On 7 August 2019 at 11:20

Rwanda has been selected among five African countries invited to attend the 45th G7 Summit to be held in France on 25th and 26th August 2019.

“To fight against inequalities, France is changing the arrangement of G7 by associating new partners. Rwanda is among the 8 countries invited to this unprecedented summit. Paul Kagame will be at Biarritz for G7 France,” reads a post on G7 official twitter account.

The Group of Seven (G7) is a group consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

These countries, with the seven largest IMF-described advanced economies in the world, represent 58% of the global net wealth ($317 trillion).

The G7 countries also represent more than 46% of the global gross domestic product (GDP) based on nominal values, and more than 32% of the global GDP based on purchasing power parity. The European Union is also represented at the G7 summit.

The 45th G7 summit will be held on August 24–26, 2019, in Biarritz, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.

In March 2014, the G7 declared that a meaningful discussion was currently not possible with Russia in the context of the G8. Since then, meetings have continued within the G7 process.

The attendees will include the leaders of the seven G7 member states as well as representatives of the European Union.

The President of the European Commission has been a permanently welcome participant at all meetings and decision-making since 1981.

The President of the European Council has been the EU’s co-representative since the 36th summit hosted by the Canadian presidency in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, on June 25–26, 2010.

The 2019 G7 Summit, presided over by France, will focus on fighting inequality.

Rwanda was invited along with Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and the African Union Commission.

President Kagame last attended the 44th G7 Summit in Québec, Canada last year.

President Kagame with his counterpart the president of France Emmanuel Macron
President Kagame last attended the 44th G7 Summit in Québec, Canada last year.