Rwanda National Police to train 800 from private security

On 18 February 2020 at 01:02

800 staff from different private security institutions across Rwanda have started training on customer service, checking people and their luggage, checking cars, verifying the authenticity of identification papers and detecting criminals. The training started on Monday, 17th February at Kacyiru Police Headquarters.

The training is categorized in 10 stages, with each stage allowing training for 80 staff for 5 days. By the end of the training, all 800 staff will have been trained.

At the official launch of the training, Commissioner of Police (CP) Robert Niyonshuti, the Commissioner for Training and Development in Rwanda National Police (RNP) said that they will train staff from 10 in 17 security institutions across the country. He said that the training aims at teaching professionalism and good customer service.

CP Niyonshuti thanked RNP administration for organizing the training and the institutions in attendance for their will to improve staff skills and professionalism at work.

“We live in a time where crime prevails and we must adopt the appropriate measures to fight crime. Staff in security institutions should be able to check people, to identify criminal activities and to verify the authenticity of identification papers.”

He said that RNP will keep collaborating with security institutions in Rwanda and provide training for security to prevail.

“RNP is developing a curriculum to assist security institutions in fulfilling their responsibilities. I urge all staff who will attend the training to be attentive and apply what they have learned at work.”

Alexis Ruterere, the vice-chairperson of Rwanda Private Security Association thanked RNP for the initiative to train private security service providers.

“The knowledge we will acquire from the training will allow us to perfect the security services we provide. It will also allow us not to restrict ourselves to the Rwandan market and start offering security services in other countries as well.”

Currently, Rwanda counts 17 private security institutions with more than 26,000 staff members combined.