Rwanda to host Inaugural ICDL Africa Forum

On 14 October 2019 at 08:30

High-level business leaders and policymakers from across the continent will gather in Kigali to discuss the crucial role of digital skills in Africa, its part in addressing the challenges of the skills gap in the workforce, as well as putting forward strategies to bolster Africa’s digital literacy.

The first-ever gathering dubbed, “ICDL Africa Forum 2019”, will convene in Ubumwe Grande Hotel on October 16th, 2019. It is a key platform that will advance the continent’s digital transformation agenda.

The ICDL Africa Forum will bring together over 200 participants, focusing on the role and the need for digital skills in Africa in addressing the challenges of the skills gap in the Workforce across the continent. The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT and Innovation Rwanda will be joined by various key personalities from Smart Africa, Kigali City, ANSUT, AIMS, GIZ – STEP, Computer Aid International, TETFUND, ABSU-CEP, and others.

The summit will feature two-panel discussions, case studies, testimonies, public-private workshops, and thematic working groups that will provide participants avenues to explore major challenges for the development of Africa’s digital industry. Furthermore, it will discuss the possible solutions that can be put in place to address these challenges

Other key subjects at the summit will be: How can we assess the relevancy of standardized Digital Skills by adopting ICDL? What insights can be drawn from the creation of a public-sector workforce ‘ICDL Profile’ as the standard across member states? What must a united Africa do to better enhance the implementation of Digital Literacy?

“We are excited to welcome the ICDL Africa Forum,” says Alice Umurerwa, Marketing Development Executive at ICDL Africa. “Digital literacy is at the heart of a strong economy, where citizens are equipped with the digital skills necessary for their education, in their workplace or in their daily lives. By focusing our efforts on making Africa a digital literate continent, we are enabling Rwandans and other Africans to be globally competitive in the job market and facilitating their career journey.

Today, ICT is transforming lives as people use new technologies to communicate, collaborate and conduct business across time zones and borders, without restriction.

ICDL Africa is a subsidiary of the ICDL Foundation, the not-for-profit certifying authority of ICDL. Established to guide the implementation of the ICDL standards in the African context, ICDL Africa manages the accreditation of a growing network of ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) and provides a focal point for the formation of partnerships with organizations who share our national economic development and capacity building goals

ICDL certification programmes have been delivered to over 14 million people, in 41 languages, across 100 countries, through a network of over 24,000 test centers.