Rwanda-Uganda: Ad Hoc Commission to reconvene at Gatuna border for solemn border re-opening

On 21 February 2020 at 10:55

The fourth quadripartite summit which was held in Gatuna today to mend the relations between Rwanda and Uganda ended with a spark. The meeting brought together four Heads of States including President Kagame, President Museveni of Uganda, President Lourenço of Angola and President Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In a communique to the press read by Manuel Domingos Augusto, Minister of External Relations of Angola, he announced the resolutions both parties agreed to.

Uganda and Rwanda noted that since the last summit, progress was registered regarding the commitment of both parties to solve tensions. Based on this, both parties are expected to release prisoners from both sides and continue to observe the Rule of Law and the International Humanitarian Law.

During the summit, President Kagame and President Museveni signed the Extradition Treaty which was approved during the third Ad Hoc Commission between Rwanda and Uganda. The treaty establishes a legal framework to handle legal cases of justice including alleged rebellious activities practiced on Ugandan territory.

The summit recommended that within one month, Uganda will verify the allegations of Rwanda that Rwanda dissidents are operating on its territory and if proven right, Uganda will take actions to definitively stop all support to those groups and prevent it from happening again.

Once this resolution is fulfilled, the Ad Hoc Commission between Rwanda and Uganda will convene at Gatuna border within 15 days for a solemn re-opening of borders and normalization of the movement of people and goods between Uganda and Rwanda.