Rwanda warns diaspora in South Sudan to stop travels through Uganda

On 26 December 2019 at 01:31

In March this year, the Government of Rwanda warned citizens to stop travels to Uganda for security purposes. That resulted from testimonies of many Rwandans where they confirmed having been chased from Ugandan territory after being illegally detained and tortured.

It was the first time that the Government of Rwanda was expressing concerns regarding the safety of citizens who travel, reside or work in Uganda.

It has been three years now that the conflict between Rwanda and Uganda started.

The Government of Rwanda expressively continues to warn Rwandans to avoid crossing to Uganda at all costs after testimonies prove many have been incarcerated, assaulted and tortured on allegations that they are spies while they are just there for making a living.

Investigations showed that besides abusing Rwandans, Uganda also hosts terrorist groups aiming at destabilizing security in Rwanda including FDLR and RNC which is led by Kayumba Nyamwasa. Uganda categorically denied the allegations.

Rwandans who are apprehended are detained in different prisons across Uganda where they are beaten and tortured resulting into a handicap for some of them. They are also subjected to forced labor including cultivation and molding bricks.

From January 2018, 1438 Rwandans have been chased from Uganda after spending days in detention on orders of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and the Internal Security Organisation.

On Tuesday, December 24th, 2019, during a breakfast interaction meeting between members of Rwandan Community Living Abroad and Rwandan officials, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperations many topics were discussed including the opportunities available to the Rwandan community abroad as well as their important role and contribution in the national development.

The Rwandan diaspora in South Sudan asked about the state of the Rwanda-Uganda conflict.

Safari Jumapili, the Rwandan diaspora representative in South Sudan said that there are Rwandans living and conducting business in South Sudan as well as soldiers and police officers in peacekeeping missions.

"The conflict between Rwanda and Uganda is concerning since Rwandana who live in South Sudan passed by Uganda to get here using cars and buses but cannot anymore due to obvious reasons. Something needs to be done about that issue."

Currently, 285 Rwandans reside in Juba, the Capital City of South Sudan.

Amb Olivier Nduhungirehe, the Minister of State in charge of the East African Community said that Rwanda took the precaution of warning Rwandans not to travel to Uganda because Rwandans who pass by Uganda to reach other countries and those who simply step on Ugandan territory are continuously arrested, assaulted and tortured.

"It is true that Rwandans are not safe to travel to Uganda. We have tried to solve the matter since the beginning of the year but there is no will to establish peace on Uganda’s part."

Amb Nduhungirehe said that Rwandans are illegally detained and abused in Uganda and added that even those who conduct business on the Ugandan territory especially those who pass by there going to Kenya and other countries are not safe.

He advised the Rwandan diaspora in South Sudan to stop going to Uganda at all costs.
He said that there are other routes that could be used instead of passing by Uganda and risking death.

After several agreements and negotiations to solve the ongoing conflict, Uganda still hasn’t done anything to stop the assault and illegal incarceration of Rwandans and still supports anti-Rwanda terrorist groups.

It has been three years now that the conflict between Rwanda and Uganda started.