Rwf 900 million invested in partnership between Rwandan and European Universities

On 15 February 2020 at 10:23

The delegation of the European Union in Rwanda has announced it will host delegates from Parma University in Italy, Fachhochschule University of Applied Sciences in Germany and Liège University in Belgium as part of its agenda to partner with high education institutions in Rwanda. The project will be implemented in partnership with INES Ruhengeri, IPRC Polytechnic School in Musanze, UTAB and other universities in Belgium for a three-year deal.

The project will assist graduates from the aforementioned high institutions in Rwanda to start their businesses and will allow a revised, more integrated curriculum as well as in-depth training for teachers. In a bid to promote technology, the project will introduce online learning as well as Masters and Ph.D. programs.

In addition, a teacher exchange program will be initiated that will allow students to acquire knowledge from different lecturers from European universities.

The project was sponsored by Erasmus +, a European Union programme for education, training, youth, and sport with a donation of € 900,000 (Rwf 900 million).

Through Erasmus +, young people can study, volunteer and gain work experience abroad, develop new skills, gain vital international experience and boost their employability. Teachers also have the opportunity to teach or train abroad, to develop their professional practice, build relationships with international peers, and gain fresh ideas.

The partnership will focus on promoting different disciplines including Food Science, Environmental Protection as well as Safety and Management and is expected to officially start on February 16th, 2020.