Senderi expresses affection for women in new hit

By Elina Jonas
On 12 March 2020 at 03:02

As the world marked International Women’s Day, Rwandan Afro-beat musician Eric Senderi Nzaramba aka Senderi Hit, released a new song in which he glorifies women as loving and tender beings that give colour and meaning to humanity.

In the song, ‘Abagore ni Beza’ [Women are Beautiful], the singer pours his heart out praising women as loving, and where there are women there is happiness, opportunities and mothers of the nation.

Senderi has told IGIHE that he composed and dedicated the song to women because 75% of his fans are women and wished to celebrate with them in their month, March.

“Most of my fans are women; 75%, so I have a reason to compose for them, to keep them in mind since it’s their month. I know they are my biggest fans basing on the messages I receive every day.”

The “Umuco Wacu Turawugaruye” singer was on February 27, 2020 recognized by district authorities of Kirehe in the Eastern Province where he comes from for composing music that appeals to the people of his homeland and that give insight into the importance of supporting the country’s development programs.

The hit maker started singing shortly before 1994. His music mostly gives educative messages about national development policy, hygiene, prevention of epidemics such as AIDS and Malaria, economics, love, security, and more.

From soldier to musician, Senderi started his musical career when he was still serving in the Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) and is also known for fighting genocide ideology through music.

Some of his songs include ‘Abanyarwanda twaribohoye’ and many genocide tribute songs, like, ‘Intimba y’intore y’Imana.’ In 2016, he composed and released ‘Je suis là’, a French song, and ‘Mapenzi ni somo’, a Swahili Song.

Senderi other songs give out messages of comfort and encouragement to the survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Senderi expresses affection for women in new hit