Seven Rubavu local government officials resign

On 18 December 2019 at 04:04

Seven local government officials from Rubavu District have resigned from their positions after the Minister of Local Government, Anastase Shyaka denounced their inaction in eradicating corruption and ethnic discrimination.

The seven officials departed on the evening of Tuesday, December 17th, 2019. Among them are Dukundimana Esperance, the director of administration and human resource, Rugomboka Daniel, Council Affairs Specialist, Mwangange Mediatrice who was in charge of education, Karasira Donat, the Director of Finance, Gahunde Gilbert, the Good Governance Director and Kayitesi Marie Claire, the officer in charge of disaster management.

Dukundimana and Kayitesi were recently arrested for the negligence of public property where they were charged of rendering to waste thousands of cement bags in the district warehouse. However, they were later released as investigations continue.

In 2017, Dukundimana had also been incarcerated along former Mayor of Rubavu District, Sinamenye Jeremie who was charged with impeding electoral procedures for candidate Mpayimana Philippe.

IGIHE reporter in Rubavu District could not get their comment on the cause for their resignations as they refused to respond to several communications but a snap visit to the district established the seven offices were closed.

During the delivery forum attended by local leaders and stakeholders from Rubavu district, Minister Shyaka said that there are lingering corruption and discrimination problems that are hindering the development of the district and the country at large.

He said that it is saddening to realize that corruption is deeply rooted in the district to a point that Rubavu is immediately linked to corruption.

He reproached Rubavu residents of lagging behind in ‘Ndi Umunyarwanda’ program which aims at building a national identity and fostering a Rwandan community that is based on trust and unity.

He said that if nothing is done about the ongoing discrimination between ‘Abagoyi’ and ‘Abagogwe’ it will destroy the country.

“We have experienced enough the vice of discrimination and we know the dark history of our country. The blatant discriminatory behavior should stop because that is what led us to genocide before.”

It is rumored that discriminatory practices are as frequent with local government officials as well.

Research about unity and reconciliation in Rwanda in 2015 showed that 27.9% of Rwandans still have a sense of belonging to particular ethnic groups and Rubavu district leads the rating at 74.4%.