SKOL celebrates 500,000-hectoliter production per year

By Alain Jules Hirwa
On 20 December 2019 at 12:46

SKOL Brewery Limited Rwanda, brewers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, have announced a production milestone of 500,000 hectoliters per year, and thanked all stakeholders that have supported them achieve the feat.

SKOL Brewery Limited Rwanda started its operations in 2009, with a goal of brewing 200,000 hectoliters per year.

In 2010, it started brewing 31,000 hectoliters per year and, from thence, started increasing the volumes by 37% per year.

In January 2019, the Gatanu brewer unveiled a $10 million packaging line and announced it would double its production.

On December 19, 2019, it announced that its efforts have paid off as they have installed capacity of brewing 500,000 hectoliters per year.

After putting a cap on a 500,000 hectoliters bottle, the Chief Executive Officer of SKOL Brewery Ltd Rwanda, Ivan Wulffaert, surprised his staff as he brought them together and thanked them for their unwavering efforts.

He said that for such a milestone to be realized, it was combined efforts of all staff, clients, and shareholders, and hoped for consistent upward progression.

He said: “I undoubtedly believe that it’s the combined efforts of our employees, shareholders, the distributors and our clients that have brought us thus far and we promise to keep the surge.”

He said making high-quality drinks, without sugar and made in Rwanda, by Rwandans are some of the secrets behind SKOL’s success.

He thanked the government of Rwanda that eases investment and its Rwandan employees who work selflessly.

Constructed in 2009, starting its operations in 2010, SKOL Brewery Ltd Rwanda makes such alcoholic drinks as SKOL Lager, SKOL Malt, SKOL Gatanu, Virunga Mist, Virunga Gold, SKOL Canett, and SKOL Select, and the non-alcoholic SKOL Panache.