Smuggler held for attempting to bribe Police officer

On 11 October 2019 at 01:39

A man identified as Nduwayezu Noel, 39, was arrested Wednesday in Kigina Sector of Kirehe District for allegedly attempting to bribe a Police officer

Nduwayezu was allegedly trying to offer a bribe of Rwf30, 000 in order to bail his goods, which were impounded recently.

On October 7, Police in Kagarama sector arrested four men with empty bottles concealed in 42 sacks. The sacks of bottles had been smuggled into the country from Tanzania through an illegal border.

The bottles were apparently meant to package illicit substances.

“The four suspects disclosed that they were working for Nduwayezu; they called their boss and informed him of their arrest. Nduwayezu then called a local leader in his village requesting to link him with the officer handling the case,” Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Hamdun Twizeyimana, the Police spokesperson for the Eastern region, said.

He added: “Nduwayezu later called the officer requesting to meet over the case and when they met on Wednesday in Nyakarambi, Kigina sector, Nduwayezu told the officer that he has other 80 sacks loaded with empty bottles in Tanzania, and offered him Rwf30, 000, which the suspect sent on his mobile account. The officer had suspected a foul-play and informed his superiors, and Nduwayezu was arrested shortly after wiring the money.”

Nduwayezu has since been handed over to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) at Kigarama station.

CIP Twizeyimana warned against such “criminal tendencies of trying to corrupt police officers with illicit benefits” and instead advised them to be “good law-abiding citizens.”

Article 2 of Law N° 54/2018 of 13/08/2018 on fighting against corruption, defines illicit benefit as “any benefit solicited, offered, accepted or promised illegally in order to render or omit a service.”

In article 4, any person, who offers or promises to offer a benefit, by any means, an illegal benefit for him or herself or another person to have a service rendered or omitted, commits an offence.

Upon conviction, the offender is liable to imprisonment for a term of more than five years but not more than seven years with a fine of three to five times the value of the illegal benefit offered.

The same penalty also applies to anyone who solicits, accepts or receives, by any means, an illegal benefit for himself/ herself or another person or accepts a promise in order to render or omit a service under his or her mandate or uses his or her position to render or omit a service.