They will burn if they draw near the fire– President Kagame warns security threat architects

On 8 May 2019 at 04:00

President Paul Kagame has said that people intending to destabilize Rwanda’s security from foreign countries or elsewhere need to be careful because Rwanda has the power to fight them back.

The president sounded the warning today on his working visit to Burera district, Northern Province where he was welcomed by thousands of residents.

Kagame said that some of those people planning bad things against Rwanda will report themselves or be seized.

Reflecting on people claiming to be behind attacks through international radios and internet assuming to be far distant from Rwanda he said: “Whether you are in USA, South Africa, France, assuming that you are far distant, maybe you are far because you have no direct contact with fire. But when they come close, the fire will burn them. Those people and their supporters should know that there are no jokes here.”

“Even those who want to join them, tell them that they are playing with fire. It will burn them. In matters of security, we cannot solicit it from anyone. People should understand that we experienced insecurity for long, lost a lot but that period has ended. We are in peacetime. We seek peace by any means,” he added.

President Kagame highlighted that Rwanda has the strength to keep its security and requested citizens to play their role in maintaining security.