Traffic On-Body-Cameras to control violation of traffic laws

On 6 January 2020 at 04:43

Rwanda National Police have announced that it is trying out a new technology called On Body Camera which will be tagged on a policeman’s chest or arm, take pictures of a vehicle that has violated traffic laws, and, in an SMS to the driver of the vehicle, show which law was broken, where, when, and the fine to be paid.

The development was announced on January 3, 2020, by the Commissioner of Police for Traffic and Road Safety Department, CP Rafiki Mujiji, in a press conference where he gave an insight of 2019 performance and the agenda for 2020.

The 2019 police report shows that 309,970 drivers violated different traffic laws.

Among the police’s main measures are putting more effort into its Gerayo Amahoro campaign that aims at increasing awareness of traffic laws and using technology to control the violation of traffic laws.

He said, “With technology, we are reaching a level at which we won’t need to stop the driver. We will record his vehicle’s plate number and text him the fines to pay.”

This technology is still in the trial and is set to fight bribes given to police officers and the injustice that might be faced by drivers when being fined.

CP Mujiji said, “No one will be treated unjustly. With the cameras, we will have recorded proof, a video. We are still trying it using tablets, but we will reach a time when we will use a camera that will record everything happening in traffic.”

This technology adds up to some cameras installed on highways to record those who over speed.

The police show that the number of road accidents in 2019 reduced by 17% from 5611 in 2018 to 4661 in 2019, and that since August 2019, the number of people killed in road accidents reduced a lot in comparison to other months as it moved from 72 to 50 in September, to 47 in October, and to 43 in November.