Uganda arrests 200 Rwandans

On 27 November 2019 at 04:38

Ugandan authorities have taken into custody between 150 and 200 Rwandans in the South-Western region of Kisoro. The reason behind this incident remains unknown until now but it occurs three years after continuous arrests of Rwandan Citizens following allegations of spying or entering the Ugandan territory clandestinely.

News in circulation sustain that the detainees were apprehended and then taken to Kisoro Police Station in a dump truck. Among the captives were Congolese and Tanzanian citizens who were later released. Only Rwandans remained in custody.

Among the remaining captives, ten women and children were released as well and taken to the borders. The Rwandan Ambassador in Uganda, Frank Mugambage told IGIHE that they were not informed about these arrests and that they learned about it in newspapers.

“We should have been informed about this situation but nobody told us about these unlawful arrests. We only learned about it in newspapers and we are collecting evidence regarding these arrests”

Recent unjustified arrests happened in July this year where Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) arrested 40 Rwandans in Kibuye, close to Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. They were apprehended at a church located on the road to Entebbe International Airport.

There were only Rwandans in that church at the time who were immediately ordered to board a vehicle that was parked outside the church. The Ugandan Police said the arrest was on demand of the Ugandan Military.

The Ugandan Police Spokesperson in Kampala, Patrick Onyango stated that the police were not responsible for the arrest and that further information should be provided by the military.

It has been years now that Ugandan authorities started jailing Rwandan citizens who live, travel or conduct business in Uganda.

Those who are arrested are held in different stations where they are tortured to the extent of handicap. Others are forced to do physically draining work including cultivating and molding bricks. They are all alleged to be Rwandan spies.

In March 2019, The Government of Rwanda urged Rwandan citizens to stop going to Uganda for their security after testimonies of more than 900 Rwandans who were chased from Uganda after days of abuse and torture.

These arrests reached an unimaginable extent after Rwanda expressed its concern about the RNC terrorist group using Ugandan territory to conduct its activities helped by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) with the aim of recruiting more members to destabilize Rwanda’s security.

Ugandan authorities have taken into custody between 150 and 200 Rwandans in the South-Western region of Kisoro.