Unidentified assailants kill man in Shyogwe Health Center

On 24 September 2019 at 01:52

A man identified as Sylidio Dusabemungu working in the canteen of Shyogwe Health Center based in Muhanga district has been stabbed to death by unidentified people inside premises of the center.

The incident took place yesterday evening.

IGIHE has learned that the man whose wife works at the health center was killed around 7 pm by people who came on a motorbike.

“Sylidio Dusabumuremyi has been stabbed to death with knives by unidentified assailants inside the canteen of Shyogwe Health Center in Muhanga district where he worked,” Rwanda Investigation Bureau has tweeted.

The Executive Secretary of the Shyogwe sector, Vedaste Habinshuti has told IGIHE that his death was surprising.

“He has been killed but I am not aware of the circumstances of his death. He was working in the canteen and found her stabbed to death with knives. The man worked there for long. His death surprised us because he was not involved in wrangles with anyone. He lived 40 meters away from the health center,” he said.

“It is mysterious because everyone has to pass through the gates to reach the canteen. Security guards told us that they saw people entering premises on a motorbike and returned on it,” added Habinshuti.

He explained that these people are still at large while investigations but investigations are underway.