Whipping crack on drugs: 4,200 boxes of marijuana impounded

By Alain Jules Hirwa
On 20 December 2019 at 11:39

Rwanda National Police in Nyabihu, Western Province in partnership with the police in Rwamagana, Eastern Province, on Wednesday December 18, 2019, arrested people trafficking marijuana in the country.

About 4,281 boxes of marijuana were impounded.

Habimana Abdon, aged 33, and Ntawuyirushintege Simon, aged 31, were arrested in Mwulire and Gahengeri sectors, Rwamagana district, with 231 boxes of marijuana. For Habimana, the police searched his house on November 27, 2019, and found 229 boxes. At the time, he escaped but was arrested too on December 18, 2019.

In Bigogwe sector, Nyabihu district, on the night of December 18, 2019, were found 3,821 boxes of marijuana, of whose traffickers escaped and are still at large but police is on their heels.

The Police Spokesperson for the Western province, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Emmanuel Kayigi said that citizens’ cooperation in providing information on suspected dealers in drugs has been very instrumental in curbing the vice.

He said, “Residents informed us that there were people smuggling marijuana into the country through Bigogwe sector. We immediately started looking for them that night. In fear of security agents, those with marijuana discarded it and ran away. The security agents found 3,821 boxes of marijuana in the sacks.”

He warned people who still traffic and abuse drugs to stop the habit because all security agents and citizens are set to fight them.

He said, “Strong measures to fight the use of drugs were taken. Each day, we sensitize citizens to the bad effects of drug abuse. A lot of them have understood it. They are the ones giving us tip-offs. In the National Police of Rwanda, there is a department fighting against drug abuse and trafficking, and it works closely with the people.”

CIP Kayigi took that occasion and reminded all Rwandans to keep working with security agents in fighting drugs which cause insecurity and impair people’s health.