Why the execution of ‘Amarembo’ project stalled

On 26 April 2019 at 07:00

‘Amarembo’ is one of construction projects to be implemented Kigali Central Business District, to be made of architectural marvels that will make the city’s skyline richer and more colourful.

The structures will be erected where Akagera Motors used to be, Ets. Verma, Mironko and Mukangira between Kigali City Mall (former Union Trade Center) and Kigali City Tower.
It is expected that Amarembo will be comprised of buildings extended on 120,000 square meters with commercial buildings, offices, entertainment, upper and ground parking, a hotel and pool among others.

The project was conceived in 2004 and was supposed to be executed as a joint investment but things did not turn right when some concerned investors changed mind and wanted to raise standalone buildings. The latter stalled the progress of the project expected to cost USD $ 120 million.

The waver left the latter divided into three projects resembling the previous one but aligning with Kigali city master plan. One of them retained the name of ‘Amarembo City Center’ to be built at former headquarters of Akagera Motors, a former place known as Chez Venant.

The second is Mironko project to be executed at the opposite side of Rubangura and Costa to be built in the opposite side of the city roundabout.

These projects with buildings made of 10 to 14 floors were expected to start in 2017 but the places remain idle until today.

The mayor of Kigali city, Marie Chantal Rwakazina has told IGIHE that the stalling of the project resulted from a misunderstanding between investors who failed to reach a consensus on raising the buildings together.

“It is one of the areas in which Rwandans and Kigali residents need to change mindsets. Some people still hold mindsets of erecting standalone buildings on their land yet the policy of making good usage of land requires changing it. The property should not be taken as fully owned when on the ground floor. It might be yours as an apartment at the second or the third floor. Such mindsets still cause problems,” she said.

Rwakazina revealed that discussions on the project were held last week and promising to bear fruits.

“It is promising to be fixed in collaboration with Rwanda Development Board. Talks gave us hope for consensus,” said Rwakazina.