Rwanda inks deal to host first demo Dual Fluid nuclear reactor

0 12-09-2023 - saa 15:15, IGIHE

The Government of Rwanda, represented by the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board (RAEB), has today signed an agreement with Dual Fluid Energy Inc. a Canadian-German nuclear technology company, to collaborate on the development of a demonstration Dual Fluid nuclear reactor in Rwanda. The demonstration nuclear reactor is expected to be operational by 2026 and the subsequent testing of the Dual Fluid technology is to be completed by 2028.

The Government of Rwanda has agreed to provide the site and infrastructure for the project, while Dual Fluid is responsible for the technical implementation of the partnership. Further, as a result of the partnership Rwandan scientists will be given practical training in the field of nuclear technology.

Dual Fluid aims to realize an entirely new type of nuclear fission based on liquid fuel and lead coolant that could exponentially increase the performance of current nuclear power. The new reactors can be used to produce electricity, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels at costs below those of fossil fuels.

Commenting on the development, RAEB CEO, Fidel Ndahayo said: “In order to meet the growing energy demand of its population, to boost the development of its industrial sector and to build an economy that is resilient to climate change, Rwanda is looking at nuclear energy to add unto its already existing energy generation mix."

In the spirit to remain a ‘proof-of-concept’ destination as a strategy to accelerate integration of innovative technologies, Ndahayo added, Rwanda is establishing strategic cooperation partnerships with start-up companies involved in the design and development of small modular nuclear reactor technologies.

"The dual fluid technology has nuclear safety design features that make it accident-free. The technology will produce relatively less amounts of radioactive waste that will be safely managed in line with existing international radioactive waste management safety standards,” he stated.

Dual Fluid CEO, Götz Ruprecht has expressed optimism for the project in Rwanda to yield tangible results.

"After years of detailed preparation and improving the concept in theory, we are now convinced that we have found an ideal partner for the first realization of our groundbreaking technology.

The reason Dual Fluid chose to invest in Rwanda is because of its highly favorable governance and business environment that has already attracted major international players. Our demonstration reactor will show that a better, far more efficient way of generating nuclear energy is possible and within reach in the near future,” he stated.

About Rwanda Atomic Energy Board

Created in 2020, the mission of the Rwanda Atomic Energy Board (RAEB) is to promote the peaceful use of atomic energy for sustainable socio-economic development.

The RAEB plays a crucial role in advising the Government on atomic energy matters, emphasizing its peaceful applications.

It actively fosters partnerships on a national and global scale within the atomic energy sector, while also facilitating the construction and upkeep of nuclear facilities for electricity generation and various other atomic energy applications.

RAEB is entrusted with supervising nuclear fuel acquisition, managing nuclear waste, and guiding research into the peaceful utilization of nuclear materials. Additionally, it collaborates with educational and research institutions to advance scientific knowledge and conducts research and development activities aimed at promoting atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

About Dual Fluid Energy Inc.

Dual Fluid is a Canadian-German nuclear company founded in 2021. It is creating an entirely new type of nuclear reactor that provides emission-free electricity and hydrogen, reduces today’s energy costs, and burns nuclear waste.

Dual Fluid differs from other new nuclear concepts by its high efficiency: the nuclear fuel is utilized up to a hundred times better than in today’s light water reactors. The operating temperature of 1000° C enables new heat applications.

The Dual Fluid operating principle, based on different fluids for fuel and cooling, is described in scientific publications and protected by patents. Dual Fluid Energy Inc. was incorporated as a public company in Vancouver, Canada, in January 2021 to bring the Dual Fluid technology to serial production status. The prototype of a Dual Fluid reactor is to be launched within this decade.

The Minister of Infrastructure, Dr. Ernest Nsabimana overseeing the signing of agreements between the CEO of RAEB, Dr. Fidel Ndahayo and a representative from Dual Fluid Energy Inc.

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