Kagame commends NBA on talent development

On 24 September 2018 at 12:37

President Paul Kagame has praised NBA (National Basketball Association) as well as African basketball players for their contribution in developing the sport on the African continent.

President Kagame was speaking at a reception in New York hosted by NBA on the sidelines of UN Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development meeting in New York. The meeting focused on how to accelerate progress for increased broadband access across the world.

Kagame thanked NBA participants for keeping Africa at the centre of what can be done globally especially when it comes to identifying talents that are in Africa. He said that there are Africans who became stars in basketball and many more can become so.

“In the NBA, there have been many Africans but there are many more who can be there. It is not just playing basketball, it exposes them to many opportunities, including education and many others,” he said.

The president also thanked NBA players who come back to Africa where they came from and help others so that they may also take a step forward.

“They come to Africa, they had these opportunities and now they are looking back and saying where we come from there are many more,he said.

The reception was also attended by Masaji Ujiri, a Nigerian professional basketball executive, former scout and former player, currently serving as the president of the Toronto Raptors in the National Basketball Association. Ujiri is also the co-creator of Giants of Africa, a youthful basketball program in Africa.

Giants of Africa was created in 2003 as a non-profit organization with the goal of changing this reality. GOA has grown to include four countries in Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda and we look forward to adding two more in the Summer of 2016.

President Kagame also thanked Larry Tanenbaum, NBA Chairman of the Board of Governors for his support, time and money that he invests, saying that it should reach the entire Africa and be a partnership to develop Africa.

Meanwhile, in New York President Kagame also met with billionaire Jack Ma, the founder and director of Alibaba Group, a Chinese multinational conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, retail, Internet, AI and technology.