Bank of Kigali launches Innovative Loan Repayment Feature on BK App

On 25 April 2023 at 05:08

The Bank of Kigali, Rwanda’s leading financial institution, has launched its innovative Loan Repayment Feature on the BK App. This groundbreaking feature allows customers to pay off their loans without the need for physical branch visits, offering a seamless and convenient solution to manage loan repayments.

The Loan Repayment Feature on the BK App is designed to provide customers with an exceptional banking experience. The app’s functionality is intuitive and easy to use, ensuring that customers can effortlessly manage their loan repayments on-the-go. The loan amount and schedule adjust automatically, providing customers with real-time updates on their loan status. This transparency ensures that customers stay in control of their finances and make informed decisions about their loan repayment journey.

According to the lender’s management, the BK App’s Loan Repayment Feature aligns with its commitment to delivering convenience and accessibility to its customers.

The bank’s CEO, Dr. Diane Karusisi, has been a driving force behind Bank of Kigali’s digital transformation, making it a "Home Bank" for Rwandans.

With the development and launch of new digital products, such as the BK App’s Loan Repayment Feature, the bank continues to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to transforming lives and fostering financial inclusion.

The launch of the Loan Repayment Feature is a significant step towards providing customers with a secure and accessible way to manage their loans. By eliminating the need for branch visits and offering real-time updates on loan status, Bank of Kigali is revolutionizing the way customers interact with their loans. This feature is an example of the bank’s dedication to digital transformation, through its investments in infrastructure, partnerships, and innovative products.

About Bank of Kigali Plc

Bank of Kigali Plc is the largest commercial bank in Rwanda, by total assets. In 2017, Global Credit Ratings affirmed Bank of Kigali’s long-term and short-term national scale ratings of AA-(RW) and A1+(RW) respectively with a stable outlook.

It has won several back-to-back international and regional banking awards from Euromoney, The Banker, Global Finance Magazine, and EMEA Finance. Bank of Kigali has been recently awarded “Best Bank in Rwanda 2023” by Global Finance Magazine.

The Bank is a licensed commercial bank in Rwanda, with leading market share over 30% across key metrics. The Bank has a distribution network comprising of 68 branches, 13 outlets, 9 mobile vans, 3,044 agents and serves over 361,595 individuals and over 27,117 business entities.