How Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd is tapping into e-commerce marketplaces to improve delivery services

On 13 October 2021 at 11:32

Technology is gradually taking center stage and becoming part of daily life. With it, people are able to foster innovations and create different solutions to make transactions easier. The advent of e-commerce is one of innovative solutions that technology is posed to offer whereby customers using online marketplaces have got ease as they can place orders and receive goods from the comfort of their homes.

Some online marketplaces have land-based stocks used to deliver to clients while others connect buyers and sellers through distributor’s website or application.

Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd is one of such companies tapping into online platforms to improve service delivery.

Founded by Patel Kalpesh, Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd is a new online store that boasts a wide range of products including, clothes, home appliances like fridges, technology devices, printers, laptops, smartphones, toys, drinks and kitchen utensils among others.

Kalpesh has said that he founded the online shop after realizing hurdles one would go through to find some home appliances by the time he arrived in Rwanda in 2019.

“To find a solution for people who would not access home appliances of their choice easily, I created the online platform so that they can get quality products. The platform boasts a wide range of products with uncompromised quality,” he said.

Kalpesh explained that his platform trades products from renowned manufacturers, plans to increase the products gradually and reduce the time it takes to deliver to clients.

Currently, clients can place orders from more than 5400 products available on the platform. Kanis partners with different companies including LG, Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Hp and Dell to meet customers’ demand delivering brand new products of desired choice.

Patel has revealed that clients have different payment options using MTN Mobile Money or Airtel, cards or pay cash in hand upon delivery of goods. The company is currently offering up to 10 percent discount on every product.

“People should not worry about quality. They just need to visit out platform and select items of their choice to be delivered with no delays. They are of super quality and durable. We remain committed to continue leveraging the power of technology to facilitate people’s transactions,” he said.

The warranty period to repair any defects is also granted depending on the types of purchased products.

Business opportunities

Merchants with quality products can trade through Kanis platform. The request for partnership is submitted via provided website link www.kanis.rw, to register and fill a designated form. The company visits interested traders to assess the quality of their products before entering agreement to sell through the platform.

“You can make sales through Kanis under our program dubbed ‘kanis affiliate partner’ where a trader can sell products or recommend clients to earn 5% of the total profits,” explained Patel.

The registration is free.

Apart from home appliances, Kanis also has a specific platform www.kanisfood.com designed for delivery of foods ordered from different restaurants in Kigali.

Today, Kanis makes deliveries in Kigali City and plans to expand footprints countrywide.

Interested clients can place orders through the website www.kanis.rw or access products using an application downloaded from Playstore or App store.