Zindi inks deal with Microsoft to advance AI upskilling in Africa

By Wycliffe Nyamasege
On 31 May 2024 at 10:54

South Africa-based data science and artificial intelligence (AI) platform Zindi has partnered with tech giant Microsoft to advance AI upskilling in Africa.

The two companies entered the new partnership on Thursday, May 30, during the Gitex Africa 2024 tech expo, which is ongoing in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The partnership with Microsoft will complement Zindi’s practical skilling with courses and certifications in AI, data science, and data analysis, Celina Lee, co-founder and CEO of Zindi, told IGIHE at the forum.

“With this partnership, we’ll be upskilling 10,000 people across Africa in data and AI skills,” Lee stated.

Microsoft Africa President, Lillian Barnard, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying the company’s goal is to ensure that AI is developed and used in ways that benefit all Africans.

“Bridging the digital skills gap in Africa is vital to the future success of that endeavour. By partnering with Zindi, we aim to revolutionise AI skills on the continent, providing cutting-edge AI training and certifications to thousands of developers and future data engineers, preparing the future workers of the world,” Barnard said.

Zindi is Africa’s largest platform for data scientists and AI and machine learning developers.

According to CEO Lee, more than 70,000 people have registered on the platform, mostly young people.

“About half of them are students, all learning data science and AI skills,” the CEO revealed.

Through the platform, data scientists participate in machine learning and data science competitions to win prizes and enhance their reputations, access real-world problems to develop their skills, and explore opportunities posted by Zindi partners. On the other hand, the platform helps companies find top talent to solve their problems.

“We run competitions where companies can put up datasets and problems, and then the community of data scientists, thousands of them, try to build solutions for these real business problems. This means that businesses get access to incredible talent.

“For the young people on the platform, it means they are building real skills that the market demands. For us, we see ourselves as a professional network where data scientists can build up their profiles and skills. More than a professional network, they can showcase what they’re capable of and connect with job opportunities,” the CEO explained.

Additional reporting by Christelle Butoyi