Rwanda, Zimbabwe officials vow to boost cooperation at Harare meeting

By Wycliffe Nyamasege
On 28 May 2024 at 10:18

Rwanda and Zimbabwe have pledged to bolster ties between the two countries, citing increased cooperation in various sectors, including political, health, defence, energy and education.

Speaking during the Zimbabwe-Rwanda mid-term review meeting of the 2nd Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation, which kicked off in Harare on Monday, Rwanda’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, James Musoni, said the two countries had achieved commendable progress on various Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) signed in recent years.

“Today, as we review our achievements and challenges, I am pleased to report that our joint endeavours have yielded remarkable results in various key sectors for example in the political and diplomatic sector, our relations have grown to a remarkable level, where both countries support each other in regional, continental and international matters of common interest,” Ambassador Musoni affirmed.

The ambassador also lauded partnerships in the education sector where more than 150 teachers and lecturers from Zimbabwe have been in Rwanda reinforcing the local teaching working force for about two years.

“We have also recorded remarkable achievements in our Defence and Security sector, there have been exchanges and training of senior and Junior officers in the army, and correctional service,” Musoni added.

Delegations from Rwanda and Zimbabwe met to review achievements and challenges in the implementation of MoUs signed between the two countries.

In the energy sector, the ambassador said, Rwanda Energy Group (REG) and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) had completed the pilot street lighting project in Harare and also finalized the access masterplan advisory services as outlined in the MoU signed in 2020.

Additionally, in the trade and Investment sector, both countries have been hosting the business forum on a rotation basis.

“The recent [business forum] took place in Rwanda in March 2024 and a number of businesses are being established in both countries as a result of the excellent cooperation between our sisterly nations,” he added, further emphasizing the need to use the JPCC as a stepping stone to further collaborate at the regional and global levels.

Albert Ranganai Chimbindi, the Zimbabwean Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, said the meeting was aimed at assessing the progress of work on the decisions made during the 2nd Session of our JPCC, which was held in May 2023.

Albert Ranganai Chimbindi (second from right) makes his remarks during the session.

Chimbindi praised the remarkable strengthening of ties between Zimbabwe and Rwanda over the past four years.

“Allow me to acknowledge the excellent bilateral relations that subsist between the Republic of Zimbabwe and the Republic of Rwanda. I am pleased to say that since we embarked on the journey of our Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation in 2020; our relationship continues to grow from strength to strength. In addition, the continued engagements by our two Presidents at various fora and the continued exchange of high-level visits, testify to our blossoming relationship,” Chimbindi stated.

He added, “I do acknowledge, with satisfaction, the positive discourse that is taking place in the Political and Diplomatic, Defence and Security Cluster. I am particularly impressed by the continued collaboration in our Political and Diplomatic Consultations, where parties continue to support each other on bilateral, continental and international issues of mutual concern and interest.”