Kigali Parents’ School to introduce Cambridge program

On 17 September 2021 at 09:15

Kigali Parents’ School located in Kimironko sector of Gasabo district renowned for quality education has revealed plans to introduce Cambridge program in the near future.

Preparations to meet requirements qualifying the school to introduce the program are underway in a bid to maintain the pursuit of excellence.

Since establishment in 1995, Kigali Parents’ School has been positioning itself as the cradle of excellence with experienced educators imparting leaners with relevant skills and moral values.

With both the Nursery and Primary Section, the school polishes learners’ language proficiencies in Kinyarwanda, English and French and keeps a close supervision to ensure they have a good language command.

The Head Teacher of Kigali Parents’ school, Guershom Buzaale has told IGIHE that students are monitored along their intellectual growth and receive all necessary support to exhibit excellent performance irrespective of their backgrounds.

Among others, the school’s pastoral teaching approach motivates students to concentrate on lessons and grow with great ambitions.

“The brilliance of our students is a result of good collaboration with parents. Upbringing children properly should be founded on holistic pillars involving the student, parent and educator to maintain excellence. The three pillars must be interlinked to succeed. That is why we voice appreciation to parents and educators for unwavering commitment and dedication to maintain the leading position with regard to quality education and the performance of our students at national level,” he said.

Buzaale explained that the school’s main objective is to draw emphasis on child’s brain development to ensure learners graduate from Primary School with proficiencies in the languages of Kinyarwanda, French and English as well as other relevant life skills.

“It serves as the foundation for quality education helping the graduate to compete at the labour market,” he said.

Buzaale advised parents to draw attention to child’s education early as it sets ground for future intellectual growth and excellence.

“The child’s future performance is affected when quality education does not start from primary school. Basic education should be well structured to properly nurture a child with competencies paving the way for a better future,” he said.

“Kigali Parents’ school has a well-organized management, devoted educators with a wealth of experience, necessary equipment and competent curriculum providing favorable learning environment. These are among other factors helping our students to exhibit outstanding performance upon completion of primary school,” added Buzaale.

The Ministry of Education has recently announced that the next school year shall reopen on 11th October 2021.

With other extracurricular activities contributing to children’s brain development and healthy lifestyle, Kigali Parents’ School has opened doors for all children wishing to pursue excellence.

More details can be accessed via the school’s website: www.kpsrwanda.ac.rw or provided contacts: 0782859121, 0788742500, 0788595403.