Nyagatare shortage of teachers worries learners

On 18 February 2021 at 10:11

Students from primary and secondary schools in Nyagatare district have expressed lamentations that they don’t study some courses because of teachers’ shortage.

The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) recently announced the placement over 17,000 teachers without requirement to sit for entry exams.

The development to scrap off teacher entry exams was meant to address the shortage of teachers needed in primary and secondary schools following the increase in classrooms countrywide.

Students at Groupe Scolaire Nyagatare and Musheri who spoke to Flash Fm, have revealed that lacking teachers for some courses leaves them behind and jeopardizes quality education.

“We no longer study ICT. The teacher of ICT was transferred to another school but has not been replaced. They promised us to get a solution but nothing has been done,” said one student.

“Teachers have not returned due to COVID-19. As a result, some classes don’t have teachers that one teacher assists five to six classes,” added another student.

The vice mayor for social affairs in Nyagatare district, Murekatete Juliette has explained that the matter was reported to Rwanda Education Board (REB) and requested schools to work with available teachers.

“The district firstly provided the number of required teachers. Some of requested teachers have arrived but others have not yet come that it requires quick action,” she said.

The Deputy Director General in charge of teacher development and management at REB, Nsengiyumva Jean Damascene has told IGIHE that they expect the placement of teachers in the 4th batch not later than March 2021.

“We are planning for the next placement soon. There is a team delegated to assess the status of teachers’ gaps across districts. Following the inspection, teachers on pending list will get placement,” he noted.

Nsengiyumva revealed that teachers will have been sent to Nyagatare by March based on numbers of required teachers in districts.

Figures show that Nyagatare district received 666 out of 800 teachers needed in primary schools. Among others, the district needs more 200 teachers in secondary schools to bridge existing gap.

Nyagatare district needs 200 teachers in secondary schools.