Rwanda’s digital solution among 50 outstanding education projects in Africa

On 23 March 2021 at 06:00

The African Union (AU) has recently recognized a digital solution developed in Rwanda known as ‘Shule ERP’ among 50 outstanding education innovations in Africa.

Shule ERP is a program developed by Loxotech, a company providing digital solutions in Rwanda.

The program is used by nursery schools, primary and secondary schools and universities to enhance teaching, streamline finance management and follow up students’ discipline.

It also helps parents to follow up students’ performance while at school, helps students to revise studies made available on the portal or attend online classes using the portal anytime.

Among others, the technology helps in finance management, facilitating easy monitoring of students who have already paid fees. Students can pay using Mastercard or Visa Card without necessity to queue at banks.

Through its annual initiative dubbed ‘Innovating Education in Africa Expo’ aimed at recognizing outstanding projects promoting innovation in the education sector.

Through its program dubbed ‘Innovating Education in Africa Expo’ aimed at recognizing outstanding projects promoting innovation in the education sector, AU selected Shule ERP among 50 best digital solutions.

The Innovating Education in Africa Expo was launched in 2018. This year’s edition focused on innovators below the age of 35.

Speaking to IGIHE, the CEO of Loxotech, Olivier Nshizirungu said they were selected among 50 best digital solutions in Africa out of 300 contestants.

“We entered the contest in August 2020 that attracted the participation of 300 digital solutions providers from different African countries. Lucky enough, we emerged among 50 outstanding projects,” she said.

Nshizirungu explained that the idea behind the portal was to provide affordable digital solution facilitating education.

“We decided to develop the digital solution to address challenges of existing costly solutions restricting users in one way or another,” he said.

The developed program also helps students to attend examinations without necessarily being present physically.

The program developed by Rwandans has so far been rolled out to other African countries including Guinea, Ethiopia, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Some of schools from Guinea have started using the technology.