10 Mystery Movies to watch this weekend

By Leana Bisa
On 4 June 2022 at 07:08

If you are like me always wondering ‘what do I watch?’ because there are a lot of new movies but you can’t always keep up with them or know which one is good to watch; this list will help you find the best movie to watch this weekend.

Deep water

Deep Water came out this year. It follows the life of Vic and his wife Melinda who are married but are no longer in love with each other. Thus, they each start having an affair everything goes well until Melinda’s boyfriends start disappearing and everyone suspects Vic.

The weekend away

The weekend away was released this year. It features two close friends vacationing in Croatia. It all goes well until one of them is missing and the police does not seem to help at all.

Death of the Nile

Death of the Nile was released this year, starring Gad Gadot known as Wonder Woman, in this film a newly wed couple invites a man to their honeymoon location, the Nile where he is asked to investigate a murder that happened.


Scream is a film released this year that focuses on the killings in a town located in Woodsboro, California. Teenagers are murdered and the whole town discovers a disturbing history.

All the old knives

All the old knives was released this year. It showcases a CIA operative who is trying to identify a mole inside the CIA who had caused the deaths of 100 CIA employees.


Memory was released this year. It features a professional assassin Alex who refused to work for a gang, which then wanted to kill him, he is hunted by both the gang and the FBI but he stays one step ahead, his one challenge is loss of memory he can’t tell who to trust.

The twin

The film, which was released this year, depicts a family moving to another area after losing one of their twins but they find themselves in a mysterious situation.

Intrigo death of an Author

Although the film was released in 2020. It is still very interesting, the film tells the story of a man who killed his wife and three years later, he finds out she might still be alive.

Escape room

Released in 2019, Escape Room is a film about six strangers who find themselves in a room where they have to find a way out using clues and intelligence. If they do not manage to get out, they die.

Escape room tournament of champions

The Escape Room tournament of champions was released in 2021. It is the second part of the Escape room, in this one those who managed to finish the game while still alive find themselves in another game which they must win again and find out who is behind that game.