Adekunle Gold arrives in Kigali to perform at Basketball Africa League finals

By Esther Muhozi
On 23 May 2024 at 10:35

Nigerian singer Adekunle Kasoko, popularly known as Adekunle Gold or AG Baby, landed in Kigali late Wednesday evening, May 22, 2024, ahead of the upcoming Basketball Africa League (BAL) finals.

The event is set to be held in Kigali starting May 24, 2024, where Adekunle Gold will be one of the performers set to liven up the occasion.

Upon his arrival in Rwanda, the husband of Nigerian singer, Simi, expressed his ongoing desire to perform in Kigali. He shared his admiration for Rwanda’s rapid development with a friend, noting, "Rwanda is one of the African countries making significant advancements in economics, innovation, and everything else. It’s commendable to see how Rwanda is setting an example."

He added, "I truly believe that other African countries could learn from what Rwanda is doing right now."

Adekunle Gold described his return to Rwanda as "overwhelmingly joyful," eagerly anticipating another visit that allows him to enjoy his time off in Kigali. He fondly recalled his previous visit, though it was brief, and playfully solicited suggestions for enjoyment, "if you know what would make me happy while I’m here, please tell me."

His last performance in Kigali was at the ’Movember Festival’ on November 5, 2021. This return marks his fourth time entertaining at the basketball games under the auspices of BAL.

AG Baby promised his fans and the basketball audience a thrilling experience, hinting at a special lineup this time. "If you were here last time, it was hot. This time, there are new songs, it’s going to be even better."

On the topic of often performing without his wife Simi, and her doing the same, he explained the professional balance they maintain, "We work together every day, but when it’s work, it’s work. However, there also has to be time for family."

Artists such as The Ben, Inganzo Ngari, Juno Kizigenza, and others, along with various DJs, are also set to entertain at the BAL games, promising a vibrant and engaging event for all attendees.

AG Baby called on other African countries to learn from Rwanda.