Ariel Wayz introduces song about former boyfriend’s reconciliation efforts

By Esther Muhozi
On 3 May 2024 at 06:27

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Ariel Wayz recently gave her followers a sneak peek of her upcoming song on Instagram, where she addresses a former boyfriend who is attempting to rekindle their past relationship. She uses the song to remind him of the hurt he inflicted and makes it clear she’s not open to restarting their romance.

On Instagram, she told her followers that the song was inspired by her ex, who had shown interest in getting back together. She encouraged those who have faced similar situations to share the song with their past partners. Ariel said, "I wrote this song because my ex wanted to get back together, send it to your ex if you’ve been affected too."

In the lyrics, Ariel recalls her efforts to sustain their relationship, expressing, "You said you needed love, I gave it; you said you needed space, I gave it; you asked for a lot, I did it. Many people I met showed me I was on the wrong path, but you gave me reasons I should have trusted."

She also suggests that she might have moved on with someone else, declaring, "Why do you keep trying to come back? You played with me night and day, I don’t want to play your games anymore, you betrayed me but I am blessed. I don’t want to play those games again, what you did to me, I know it, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I gave you everything, forgive me I have moved on, I am taken now!"

This song emerges amid speculations that Ariel had ended her relationship with Juno Kizigenza, her previous boyfriend, which has led some to believe that he might be the target of her pointed lyrics.

Ariel Wayz has announced a song she wrote for an ex-boyfriend who wishes to get back with her, many suspect it could be Juno Kizigenza.