Rwanda builds music recording studio with international standards

On 9 December 2020 at 02:03

Rwanda is building state-of-the art recording studio with modern equipment that meet international standards to support artistes in music production, at Nyundo School of Music, in Muhanga district under the auspices of Workforce Development Authority (WDA).

Jacques Muligande (Mighty Popo), the director of the school has told IGIHE that the studio will be equipped with facilities that meet international standards to support various artistes starting with the school’s students.

“The recording studio will be used by all artistes from Rwanda and beyond. Of course, our students will also access the studio during related studies,” he said.

Muligande explained that the studio will be part of the school’s income generating projects leading to self-financing.

The studio will hire different Producers that will include, among others, ongoing students or the school’s alumni, producers from Rwanda and abroad.

Muligande revealed, the studio will be operational effective from February 2021.

As he visited the school yesterday, American artiste and music producer, Teddy Riley was also taken to site of the studio under construction.

Upon completion, Riley observed that the studio will meet the same standards of his recording studio in the United States of America.

Excited over the project, he expressed willingness to return to Rwanda for partnership with students from Nyundo School of Music in various projects.

Riley worked with different super-start artistes including Michael Jackson, Jay Z, among others.

Muliganda talking to Teddy inside the studio under construction at Nyundo School of Music.