Singer Jali launches third album

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 25 February 2023 at 03:30

Singer Jean Pierre Ntwali Mucumbitsi renowned for stage name as Jali has launched his third album dubbed ‘Paysages’. The album features his life experiences.

Jali was born in Butare on 20th September 1988. He is currently an author, singer, composer and guitarist.

The artiste unveiled his first album ‘Española’ in October 2011. In the same year, he entered agreements with Barclay-Universal after releasing his album " Des jours et des lunes".

In 2012, received an award for the artiste of the year dubbed ‘“Octave de la musique”.

In 2014, Jali was selected as a tutor in the fourth edition of The Voice Belgique, a music contest aired on Belgium’s national television.

He released his most popular single “Pars” in the same year.

His latest album, "Paysages" featuring 13 songs in French language was released towards the end of January 2023.

Speaking to IGIHE, the singer revealed that it took long preparations to release the album because the first one was produced in 2015.

Jali was born in Rwanda and raised in Belgium. He disclosed that his parents left Rwanda when he was 2 years old. He later returned to Rwanda in 2005 where he pursued studies at Ecole Belge.

Despite being a rising artiste, Jali is proud of her achievements even though there is still a long way to go.

“My parents are also proud of my achievements even though they are curious about my future,” he noted.

“During my childhood, my father used to sing, and play guitar but later became a doctor. It was the right choice during that time but he is glad that I was able to compose songs he did not write,” added Jali.

He said that he drew inspiration from his family because some family members used to entertain people through songs and dances at different celebrations.

Jali also explained that his managed, this time around, to arrange his album himself unlike the past where he would only compose songs and seek assistance for production phase.

As he said, being a singer did not tamper with his universities where he pursued communication, which he believed will help him a great deal.

Jean Pierre Ntwali Mucumbitsi (Jali) during an interview with IGIHE journalist.
'Paysages' was released recently in January.
Jali has revealed that it took long preparations to release the album.