Ugandan female duo Kataleya and Kandle in Rwanda for media tour

By Jean de Dieu Akayezu
On 12 July 2022 at 03:39

Ugandan female duo, Kataleya and Kandle have arrived in Rwanda for media tour to promote their latest song titled “Nyash” which featured Rwandan rising star, Afrique.

Kataleya and Kandle is a sensational female singing duo comprised of Hadijah Namakula renowned by stage name as Kataleya and Rebecca Robins Nabatuusa alias Kandle.

The duo accompanied by a member of their management team arrived in Kigali on 12th July 2022 where they have been received by artiste Afrique and his team.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, Kataleya and Kandle expressed delight to have featured in the song along with Afrique noting that they look forward to promoting their song through media in Rwanda.

“The song has already become popular in Uganda and we wanted to make sure that it is brought to limelight here in Rwanda. We also need to expand our fanbase here in Kigali,” said Kataleya.

Published two days ago, the video of Kataleya and Kandle’s latest song “Nyash” is already among the most trending songs in Uganda and Kigali.

According to Kandle, “Nyash” is a common African slang for “Booty”. Nyash was produced by Ugandan Nessim.

Afrique, real name Josue Kayigire, is regarded by many as the biggest rising star in Kigali, behind the monster track “Agatunda”.

About Kataleya and Kandle

Kataleya and Kandle now have seven songs to their name, thanks to their management. These include ‘Nkunonya, Muzibe wa love, ‘Kyolina’, ‘’Tonafuya’, ‘Pain killer’ and their biggest song so far ‘Do me’.

Around 2017, the two realized that there was no female singing duo and decided to start a singing career together to fill this gap.

They started their career with no management but their passion for music and talent earned them a spot at Thereon Music where they are signed. Their single ‘Muzibe wa love’ is topping the charts which has given them hope for an even brighter future.

The duo is young gorgeous girls who describe themselves as ‘Best friends’ inspired by their love for music.

Despite having striking resemblances in physical features, Kataleya and Kandle say they have no blood relationship.

The ladies say Music was not something they wanted to seriously take on as Kataleya wanted to be a pilot and Kandle wanted to be an air hostess.

Kataleya and Kandle arriving at Kigali International Airport.
Kataleya and Kandle have been welcomed by artiste Afrique and his management team.