Fashion rewind: Explore past trends that are making a comeback

By Umurungi Gisele
On 31 December 2023 at 04:17

They say “The whole universe is based on rhythms. Everything happens in circles, in spirals”, and whenever I hear this, I can’t help but think of fashion.

I remember when I was a tween, there were loose-end pants that were really on trend. Almost every stylish girl would always put on that kind of pants, and I, on the other hand, would always be like “wow, that is one heck of a cool pair of pants!” But as time went on, I watched them evanescing like mist before the morning sun. Now, guess what every girl’s dream pant is. Loose-end pants, again!

Just like the face of fortune, fashion really changes over time. That stylish top you’re attending every gathering with, will eventually turn out to be the number one cheesy cloth in a few years yet to come. You’ll find yourself putting on wearables that you’ve never dreamt of buying. Something that you always deemed as outmoded will be the dashing one in your closet.

Yes, that’s how fashion, just like everything in life, changes. And like that, that’s how cold-shoulder style enjoyed its precious time and gave space to the off-shoulders and high-neck styles. Even though the change in styles is something that we all agree on, there is also a beautiful truth that some late styles will always find their way back in the future. Now, why don’t we stay diligent and explore the fashion trends that are making a comeback?

Ripped jeans

Let’s all be honest, aren’t these kinds of jeans all over the town? While the pair of jeans with the knees blown out was undeniably trending in the 70s, the style is already back with us. The only difference is that holes are not only on knees, but also on other parts, revealing too much of the skin.

Cargo pants

Maybe you have another name for this, but to make it simple, they are those loose-fitting trousers with patch pockets down each leg. Did this make you check your closet? Well, it’s true that these kinds of pants were a hit in the 90s, but now things are swinging back in our direction. These pants are more than just a hit. They are almost a favorite to every stylish person.

Palazzo pants

Also called wide-leg pants are a unisex trending style that has made a comeback after being popular in the 60s and 70s. Nowadays, not so many people are chasing tight trousers, they are more into those that almost never touch their body.

Chunky sneakers

These kinds of shoes are known for their huge undersurface. Take a look throughout your shoe rack. How many pairs of this kind did you see? Not one, right? Being almost every person’s preferable pair of shoes, this is how chunky sneakers bounced from the 80s to 2023.

High-Waisted/ high-rise jeans

Yes, you guessed it right! These are pants with a long seam between the crotch and waistband. They were more popular in the 80s, continued to be popular throughout the ages, and with their unique evolution, they are able to fit within the current fashion standards.


Made famous by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, these accessories have found their way back to us from the late 60s and 80s. They are now more admirable to artists and other people who are more into fashion.

All these fashion trends and many others that we didn’t mention were once our parents’ or aunts’ styles, but now, they are our favorites. This is why they say ‘true styles never die”.

Headbands are now more admirable to artists and other people who are more into fashion.