Thalia Chappuis Rusine’s journey from Swiss-Rwandan heritage to Top Model Europe Finals

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 6 October 2023 at 03:08

Thalia Chappuis Rusine,16, is a rising star in the world of modeling with Swiss and Rwandan heritage. She embodies the fusion of two captivating cultures, which have played a pivotal role in shaping her identity and aspirations. Her unique background not only sets her apart but also fuels her passion for representing Rwanda on the European fashion stage.

Join us as we explore Thalia’s thoughts, hopes, and dreams on her journey in the world of modeling and her commitment to celebrating her Rwandan roots.

IGIHE: Would you please give us a brief background to your Swiss and Rwandan origins?

Thalia Chappuis: Hello, I am thrilled to participate in this interview. My name is Thalia Chappuis and I am 16 years old. I am of Swiss and Rwandan descent, which makes me a person with two fascinating cultures. The duality of my cultural background is an essential part of my identity and it deeply inspires me. The richness of Rwanda has always been a source of cultural enrichment for me.

IGIHE: Congratulations on your participation in the prestigious Top Model Europe competition. How do you feel about being among the finalists of this competition?

Thalia Chappuis: Thank you! I am really proud and excited to be among the finalists of Top Model Europe. It is an accomplishment that means a lot to me. The fact that I have made it through all the stages and am among the remaining 29 candidates in the women’s modeling category is an incredible opportunity.

IGIHE: The final of Top Model Europe will take place soon in Brussels. Can you tell us more about this competition?

Thalia Chappuis: Absolutely! The grand finale of Top Model Europe will take place on Saturday, October 7, 2023, in Brussels, the capital of Europe. This competition started with a rigorous selection from 25,000 initial applicants. Now, I am among the 29 finalists in my category. The magnitude of this competition is immense, as Top Model Europe is considered the biggest modeling competition in Europe.

IGIHE: We have heard that this competition has launched many talents into the fashion industry. What are your expectations for your modeling career after this competition?

Thalia Chappuis: Of course, I would love to either win or be among the favorites, but in any case, I am already very pleased to have reached the final. My main goal afterwards is to sign with renowned agencies, be noticed by industry professionals, and secure regular contracts. Participating in Top Model Europe is a unique opportunity to open doors in the demanding world of modeling. In the long term, I aim to build a strong career that allows me to live my passion for modeling.

IGIHE: Your story is inspiring and demonstrates the importance of determination and pride in one’s origins. How do you plan to represent Rwanda in the European fashion industry?

Thalia Chappuis: I am delighted to be able to represent Rwanda in the European fashion industry. Whatever happens at the final of Top Model Europe, I will continue to proudly carry the colors of my country of origin and highlight the richness of my dual culture. I am proud of my Rwandan origins, and I intend to showcase them in my modeling career.

IGIHE: Thank you very much, Thalia, for this enriching interview. We wish you good luck in the final of Top Model Europe and for the rest of your career in the fashion world.

Thalia Chappuis: Thank you for this opportunity and for your encouragement. It was a pleasure to answer your questions. I will continue to give my all and represent Rwanda with pride.