Eye surgery helping patients to get rid of glasses introduced in Kigali

On 15 April 2022 at 09:43

Technology is gradually taking center stage in daily lives and has particularly deepened roots in health sector to fast track and improve service delivery.

Having opened doors to Rwanda recently, Pyramids Eye Center is one of health facilities that are taking advantage of technology to offer advanced health services.

Based in Kigali, the hospital has introduced Lasik Eye Surgery which uses the best known ‘Lasik’ technology to correct vision problems and help people get rid of glasses as they continue their work without disruptions.

Dr. Mohamed Nasif, an ophthalmologist with specialty in eye surgery at Pyramids Eye Center has told IGIHE that the advanced healthcare is the first of its kind introduced in East Africa.

Dr. Mohamed Nasif graduated from Cairo University in 2006. Since then, he started training in Cairo under a fellowship program and graduated from Royal College of Surgery and Ophthalmology of Glasgow in Scotland in 2015.

He explained that Pyramids Eye Center offers all ophthalmology services like squint surgery and cataract surgery.

Other services offered include the new Lasik procedure to get rid of glasses and correct vision without glasses and the oculoplastic surgery.

During Lasik surgery, a special type of cutting laser is used to precisely change the shape of the dome-shaped clear tissue at the front of one’s eye (cornea) to improve vision.

The surgery can be conducted between 10 and 15 minutes before the patient gets prescriptions.

Health experts indicate that the technology is deployed after assessing the nature of patient’s conditions to be proactive on possible side effects.

It was introduced for the first time in 1980s and is approved by ophthalmic organizations globally.

“With this technique, a patient can get rid of glasses and see a hundred percent without using glasses. So, it is a new technique here but not new outside Rwanda,” said Dr. Mohamed.

Latest equipment

The Lasik surgery can be conducted using general and local anaesthesia or topical anesthesia.

Dr. Mohamed has explained that the type of surgery requires advanced, latest equipment to make the operation fast and efficient.

“These new machines give very high quality and the procedure should be very short. It can take two to three minutes to get rid of these glasses. In fact, you can say the cataract surgery can take two to five minutes while squint correction surgery can take ten minutes.

We have experienced doctors with international competencies. All operations here can take from two to ten minutes. Because of the modern technology we have, everything becomes very fast and the procedures are very efficient,” he said.

Patients treated under Lasik surgery should be aged above 18. Children are not allowed to undergo this procedure because their retina has not yet reached maturity.

The surgery is also prohibited for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers to prevent possible adverse effects.

Every patient receives the service after an investigation machine is used to detect the nature of one’s conditions and establish whether it could not be dangerous if the surgery is conducted.

Another checkup is made to ensure whether the patient received glasses deservingly.

After all screenings, the patient can be treated through Lasik surgery or other alternatives depending on his/her conditions.

Pyramids Eye Center offers eye care services to patients from different age brackets.
Lasik Surgery helps patients to get rid of glasses.
Pyramids Eye Center has doctors working full-time.
Pyramids Eye Center has advanced equipment facilitating improved service delivery.
Pyramids Eye Center has experienced specialists offering ophthalmology services.
The hospital's staff is welcoming.
The facility works with different insurance companies.
Pyramids Eye Center is based in Kigali.
Dr. Shady is among doctors using modern machines to help patients.
Dr. Mohamed Nasif, an ophthalmologist with specialty in eye surgery at Pyramids Eye Center.