In the realm of silence: The power that lies within

By Umurungi Gisele
On 30 December 2023 at 12:15

Have you ever considered keeping your silence after a certain experience? How did it feel? Was it hard or were you easily able to do so? How did you feel after that?

In this loud world where humans, machines and everything make intolerable noises, it is almost impossible to spend an hour in total silence. Even if one chooses to, it always feels like a lethal penalty, because after all, our lips are there to express what our brain thinks.

Even after experiencing abuse, torture and humiliation, sometimes our emotions are too strong to be easily pronounced. Even if they were, sometimes the truth that none is going to understand or give a real meaning to what you’re feeling hits hard, and that is when you wish you could just choose silence even when it is not easy.

Every living human seeks for understanding. None wishes to be misunderstood at least when their lips are not sealed. This is probably why everyone struggles to speak, be it for the purpose of winning an argument, showing their knowledge or simply getting themselves from any kind of trouble. However, though speaking for yourself can really help, the power of silence should never be neglected.

When I asked my friend if she thinks silence really helps, she smiled a bit and gave me a satisfying answer. “Keeping silence is really a powerful tool when it comes to creative thinking. There is this time when I felt like I couldn’t think anymore. I am a content writer, so thinking was a part of my job. When that happened, I tried all possible things but none worked. That’s when I decided to practice silence. It was only after 2 hours that I started getting ideas, and from then, silence has become my loyal assistance in thinking and creating new things,” she said.

Silence exists as a free tranquilizer in times of uneasiness. During all troubles and stress that we experience in life, silence emerges as the best way to endure all of it. It gives us a sense of peace and mental clarity. It additionally improves our listening, learning and decision-making ability.

According to Dr. Cloninger, silence gives us time and space to understand who we are. “Silence leaves us alone with our inner dialogue, which allows us to reflect, resolve conflicts, and understand our feelings by granting us access to higher levels of our own creativity and inspiration. Being alone with our inner voices is crucial to knowing ourselves” he said.

Though silence is not everyone’s pill to swallow, especially, in this roaring world, it carries hidden treasures once embraced. It is undoubtedly worthwhile when practiced.