Meet the doctor: How long does it take to confirm infertility?

On 24 May 2021 at 12:35

Producing kids is considered among primary expectations among spouses. However, it is not uncommon that some couples spend two or three months without pregnancy which pushes them to go for infertility consultation.

IGIHE has caught up with a gynecologist at Baho Polyclinic, Dr. Oswaldo Rodriguez Lara to shed light on the condition and explain when to confirm infertility.

Rodriguez has revealed that the condition cannot be confirmed within two or three months noting that it takes couple of months of unprotected sex.

“We confirm infertility when the couple that didn’t use family planning methods spends two years of unprotected sexual intercourse without pregnancy. We cannot make the confirmation before two years but rather we do fertility consultations,” he said.

Dr. Rodriguez advises couples to go for consultations after spending six months without pregnancy to detect their problem early and start medication.

He explained that both couples should go for check-ups together because infertility is a condition for both men and women.

“You cannot talk about infertility for couples because it involves two people. The man and woman. There is particular infertility cause for a man and woman and cause for both of them. We treat both men and women,” said Dr. Rodriguez.

Infertility can be classified into primary and secondary categories. The primary infertility is when the couple has never been pregnant. The secondary infertility is for those couples who had one or two children, and then after they have been struggling to get another child,” he added.

Even though it takes complex process for primary infertility, Dr. Rodriguez explained that it can be treated.

He stated that secondary infertility might be caused by different health conditions, expired or inadequate ovum that someone will not be able to conceive again.

He stated that there are thousand causes of infertility including chronic diseases like hypertension, hepatitis B or C, HIV/AIDS, anemia and Toxoplasmose infection among others.

Talking about of diseases that cause infertility in men, he cited any scrotal disorder like hydrocele (a type of swelling in the scrotum that occurs when fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding a testicle), reduction in sperms or production of weak sperms, or sexual transmitted diseases among others.

“Any scrotal disorder for example hydrocele, varicoceles, any tumors in testicles, scrotal or any ovarian disorder or any tumor in the brain in tumors. We do consultations and identify the cause of infertility,” said Dr. Rodriguez.

“It is sometimes caused by innate conditions or disease. Our function is to educate them and identify cause of infertility for treatment depending on particular condition,” he added.

Intra uterine insemination and vitro fertilization are among methods applied to help infertile couples to make babies.

Dr. Rodriguez revealed that Baho Polyclinic is among local health facilities offering such services.

For further assistance, couples can reach out to Baho Polyclinic on +250788949046

Dr. Rodriguez advises couples to go for consultations after spending six months without pregnancy to detect their problem early to start medication.