When evil plans lead to excruciating demise: The story of Kamegeri Rock

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 29 July 2022 at 02:06

Kamegeri Rock is one of Rwanda’s touristic and historical sites. It bears the name of a man identified as Kamegeri who was a favourite servant of Mibambwe II Gisanura, a king of Rwanda who reigned nearly in 1600.

The history of Kamegeri Rock reflects his unique approach of conflicts resolution with which he was credited for astute wisdom and impartiality when his favourite servant was subjected to an excessive punishment he had proposed for other people.

As per oral traditions and written sources, Kamegeri was a local chief in Ruhango at the reign of Mibambwe II Gisanura nearly in 1600.

As the sources indicate, Kamegeri was once assigned to follow up the construction of a king’s palace in Ruhango which he did successfully.

His work won the king’s heart that he became a favourite servant who would advise him on serious matters. However, he took advantage of his powers and made a cruel recommendation against those who trespassed the kingdom.

One day, the man approached the king to impress him and proposed a harsh punishment for wicked members of the society.

The punishment was none other than burning a nearby rock and throw enemies on it when it turns red-hot.

Famous for his generosity to support the needy, King Mibambwe II Gisanura was given a nickname of ‘Rugabishabirenge’ translated as ’a person who unconditionally donates to the poor’.

The king is also renowned for his wisdom and impartiality.

After thorough considerations about the punishment, the King who seemed to have welcomed the idea, asked Kamegeri to collect woods and burn the rock as recommended.

Realizing that his work was done, Kamegeri informed the king that the baked rock that had turned red hot was ready for wicked individuals to serve their sentence.

In return, the plan backfired that the king identified Kamegeri as the most wicked person in his kingdom and ordered his people to tie and throw him on the rock to burn.

The king’s order was obeyed and Kamegeri was burnt alive. His death sent a warning to cruel members of the society to change their attitudes lest they fall in their own traps.

Kamegeri Rock is one of Rwanda's historical sites. Net Photo