Bamporiki handed five-year sentence, taken into Mageragere Prison

On 24 January 2023 at 07:31

Edouard Bamporiki, the former State Minister in the Ministry of Youth and Culture has been taken into Mageragere Prison to serve five-year sentence handed to him by the High Court after he was convicted of fraudulent acquisition and abuse of power.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) announced on Monday evening that Bamporiki was handed over to Rwanda Correctional Service (RCS) to serve his sentence.

The defendant was convicted of the crimes based on money received from an investor identified as Norbert Gatera who told law enforcers that offered amount was a bribe solicited by the former State Minister.

He had been handed four-year jail term and slapped him with a fine of Rwf60 million by Nyarugenge Intermediate Court in September last year, after he was found guilty of fraud and abuse of power.

Bamporiki appealed against the verdict in the High Court which also read its ruling on Monday 23rd January 2022.

The court maintained that Bamporiki’s reasons for appeal are baseless and increased his previous jail term to five years. However, the fine slapped to him was reduced from Rwf60 to Rwf30 million.

The crimes that led Bamporiki into prison are related to the closure of a shoddy factory belonging to Norbert Gatera by the City of Kigali.

The Prosecution said that Bamporiki reported the plant to be closed and later convinced the owner that he can link him to the official in charge of urbanization and infrastructure in the City of Kigali.

At the time, Gatera asked Bamporiki the amount needed to halt the closure of his business and promised to link the investor with Kigali City Vice Mayor in charge of Urbanization and Infrastructure, Merard Mpabwanamaguru.

In the evening of 4th May 2022, Gatera Nobert and his friend met Bamporiki and Mpabwanamaguru.

It is said that Bamporiki asked Gatera to bring the money and drop them to the reception.

He was arrested in the process of keeping the money in a vehicle following a tip off provided by Gatera.

The prosecution said that Bamporiki willfully threatened to get Gatera’s plant closed and solicited Rwf10 million bribe to conceal information.

During the appeal hearing, Bampiriki’s defence lawyers said that the money was offered for appreciation given that he was a friend of Gatera.

Bamporiki has been handed five-year sentence and taken into Mageragere Prison.