Denis Kazungu arraigned before court, pleads guilty to killing 14 people

By Esther Muhozi
On 21 September 2023 at 05:37

Suspected killer, Denis Kazungu has been arraigned before Kicukiro Primary Court where he pleaded guilty to killing 14 people.

Kazungu who appeared before court on Thursday 21st September 2023, for bail or remand hearing without defence lawyer demanded judges to proceed with the hearing ‘in camera’ citing reason of having committed serious crimes which he didn’t want to be aired in the media.

“I have committed serious crimes that I plan to confess but would not like to be announced through the media nor be a leading guidance to my fellow criminals on the way to do it.
Reasons being, I request to be tried in camera is that I myself accepted the alleged crimes and intend to share the whole truth.”

When asked to comment on the request, the prosecution rejected it citing lack of convincing reasons.

The judge ruled that the hearing be held in public. Kazungu is facing charges including manslaughter, rape,use of threats , hiding of human body and mutilation.

He is also being charged with armed robbery, forgery, and cyber crimes.

During preliminary investigation, it was established that Kazungu kept 12 bodies of the victims in a pit and the remaining two are still under investigation to know their whereabouts.

On the other hand, during the interrogation, Kazungu admitted to have killed 14 individuals including 13 women and 1 man.

The prosecution has accused Kazungu of having brought 14 individuals he killed from different places including Remera, Kimironk,Kabuga, Masaka and Rusororo to his residence in Busanza, a suburb in Kanombe Sector of Kicukiro District where he allegedly killed them.

They claimed that after luring victims to his residence, he would immobilize them, tie their hands and feet, use threatening words and then torture them with objects such hammer, a pair of scissors and a pen.

The prosecution showed that prior to killing these people, Kazungu had extorted money and valuables from them, and he had also forced them to provide their bank account numbers to transfer money to his accounts and phones.

It was also determined that a few of the victims that Kazungu killed were forced to write papers that they had sold their houses and land plots to him before being killed and dumped in a pit in his kitchen.

The prosecution told the court that during interrogation, Kazungu said he did not recall the names of all the people he killed apart from 4 identified as Eliane, Mbabazi, Clementine, Francoise and Eric Turatsinze who he started using as his identity after killing him.

This man confessed on raping only one woman who later escaped and was rescued by the neighbours. The woman in question testified to the persecution that she was indeed raped.

He had tricked her on a phone call pretending to be someone she already knew. After being lured into his house, he started threatening her with death.

The court was informed that other individuals apprehended with Kazungu included a woman known as ’Code20’ and another known as ’Code33,’ both of whom revealed that Kazungu had forced them to withdraw money.

When asked the reasons behind his merciless killing and burying them, Kazungu claimed they had transmitted HIV intentionally.

Considering the charges, the prosecution requested a 30-day remand for Kazungu, as it was deemed necessary to protect society from his criminal activities.

When asked his thoughts on the prosecution’s request for the remand, Kazungu told the court that ‘the guard is yours to keep or have it pass through your fingers’.