Idamange remanded

On 10 March 2021 at 08:42

Gasabo Primary Court yesterday remanded Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne for 30 days citing major reasons pinning him for suspected crimes.

Idamange is accused of crimes including incitement public disorder, assaulting and causing injuries intentionally, denigrating Genocide evidences, and issuing bounced cheque.

Appearing in court recently, the woman denied all charges.

During the previous hearing, Idamange said that she was illegally detained and asked the court to analyze the case and order her release. Idamange claimed, she was never summoned before her arrest.

The Prosecution rejected Idamange’s objections explaining that they had a warrant for her arrest which happened in presence of local leaders.

The Prosecution said, Idamange was brought to court to face justice for alleged crimes committed through talks aired on a YouTube channel.

She was accused of using the platform to incite public disorder and encouraging citizens to organize riots.

Reading the ruling yesterday, the court explained that the decision was based on evidences provided during the previous hearing and legal provisions and Idamange’s video in which she is heard pronouncing words pinning her for suspected crimes.

The judge said that extracts of the video shows Idamange calling upon all citizens to organize riots at Presidency Office to revendicate against the Government of Rwanda, asserting that President Paul Kagame died, that the country is led by a ghost.

The court read that she is suspected of serious crimes which he would continue using social media platforms when released and remanded her for 30 days.

Idamange, 42, was arrested on 15th February 2021 few days after featuring in series of talk shows aired on YouTube where she called on people to wage riots at Presidency Office.

Idamange appeared in court for first time on 4th March 2021 for hearing on remand or release on bail.

Idamange appearing before court during the previous hearing held virtually.