Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd Honors Genocide Victims at Ntarama Memorial

On 27 May 2023 at 11:08

Employees of Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd have paid a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi at the Ntarama Genocide Memorial. In a visit to the memorial located in Bugesera District, the management and staff of the company immersed themselves in the history that led to the genocide, gaining profound insights into the atrocities that took place in the area.

Led by a guide at the memorial, Evode Ngombwa, the employees delved into the chilling account of how the genocide unfolded in Bugesera, where massacres occurred even before 1994. The guide also illuminated Rwanda’s remarkable journey of resilience, recounting the horrific events that unfolded in the area, including the establishment of a camp where Tutsis were unjustly accused of espionage.

One of the darkest chapters in the genocide took place on April 15th, when Interahamwe militants ruthlessly killed Tutsis seeking refuge at Ntarama Church and massacred those hiding in nearby swamps. However, the narrative took a glimmer of hope on May 14th, when Inkotanyi soldiers intervened and rescued a small group of surviving Tutsis from Interahamwe attacks.

Deeply moved by the cruelty witnessed in the area, Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd and its management paid their respects to over 6,000 genocide victims laid to rest at the memorial by laying wreaths. The poignant act honored the memory of the victims, preserving their dignity and shaping Rwanda’s future.

Following the memorial visit, the employees engaged in a commemoration talk centered around Rwanda’s transformative journey. JosuĂ© Dushimimana, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd, emphasized the importance of remembrance in keeping the memories of the victims alive, restoring their dignity, and shaping the nation’s future.

Alain Ngirinshuti, the Chairman of Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd, offered words of comfort to the genocide survivors, assuring them that such a tragedy would never be allowed to occur again.

He urged the community to remain united and resilient, steadfastly preserving the gains achieved thus far. Ngirinshuti also called upon the youth to honor history and collectively reject the ideology of genocide.

Prior to their visit to the memorial, Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd, in collaboration with Kigali Golf Resort & Villas and the Rwanda Golf Union (RGU), organized the Kwibuka Tournament on May 13th.

The tournament concluded on a high note with a poignant tree-planting ceremony, dedicated to commemorating the memory of former golfers who tragically lost their lives during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Through their solemn visit to the Ntarama Memorial and their commitment to remembrance and resilience, the employees of Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd demonstrated their unwavering dedication to honoring the victims, preserving the nation’s history, and building a future free from the horrors of genocide.

The Manager of Kigali Golf Resort and Villas, Jack Bryan signing the guest book.
The Deputy Manager at Kigali Golf Resort & Villas, Amanda Kabale attended talks on history.
Jack Bryan laid a wreath at Ntarama memorial.
The Chairman of Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd, Alain Ngirinshuti urged the youth to shun Genocide ideology.
Employees also observed a moment of silence to honor Genocide victims.
Employees of Rwanda Ultimate Golf Course Ltd visited different sections of the memorial.