Suspected murderer Denis Kazungu remanded

On 27 September 2023 at 07:57

Kicukiro Primary Court, on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, remanded suspected murderer, Denis Kazungu for 30 days. The latter is accused of taking the lives of 14 individuals, including 13 women.

Kazungu is facing a total of ten charges, which encompass murder, rape, making threats, concealing human remains, mutilation, and more.

The presiding judge, when announcing the decision regarding bail, stressed that the evidence presented strongly implicates Kazungu. Furthermore, the judge noted that despite the defendant’s admission of guilt, there was no indication of remorse.

Kazungu made his courtroom appearance under stringent police supervision, attired in an orange t-shirt and brown pants. He now has a five-day period within which to appeal this court decision.

In meantime, Kazungu will be held in custody at Nyarugenge Prison, colloquially referred to as "Mageragere."

According to the prosecutor, Kazungu confessed to dismembering two of his victims, boiling their remains, and grinding their bones to obliterate any evidence of his crimes.

It was disclosed that the accused had rented a residence in the Kanombe sector the previous year, where he resided until his arrest in September triggered by his failure to pay rent and his refusal to vacate the premises.

Upon being taken into custody, he provided authorities with a confession detailing the killing and burial of 12 individuals in that same residence.

Subsequent to this confession, a prompt investigation was initiated, leading to the horrifying discovery of the victims’ remains. Some of the victims, such as Eliane Mbabazi and Eric Turatsinze, were identified by Kazungu himself.

The public prosecutor also pointed out that Kazungu had admitted to raping his victims, strangling them to stifle their cries, binding their hands and feet, and disposing of their bodies in a specially dug hole in the kitchen. He additionally subjected them to threats and torture, depriving them of their possessions and using various objects to intimidate them.

Following their demise, he incinerated their bags and shoes in an attempt to erase all traces of his actions.

The prosecutor further revealed that Kazungu led a reclusive existence, utilizing false identities to conceal his true identity and perpetrate his crimes covertly.

When questioned about his motives, Kazungu alleged that his actions were motivated by a desire for revenge against women he believed to be prostitutes, asserting that he thought they had infected him with HIV.

However, this claim was refuted by blood tests conducted by Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

Suspected murderer Denis Kazungu has been remanded for 30 days.