How do you make sure you are leading your team correctly?

By Zaninka Umutesi
On 31 December 2022 at 09:18

It is not uncommon for people in leadership roles to doubt the impact they have on their team but then again those are the good ones who are considerate of the people they lead. If ever you have been led by both kinds of these people, then you know just how differently they can affect everyone around them. So, if you are a leader in good conscience, this should help you get better in your role.

Give your team the freedom to use their talents: Surely you know that each person on your team, even if they may have similar duties, has different abilities which are better off not controlled but given room to grow and do what they do best.

Guide them to work together toward a compelling vision: If you always want teamwork but cannot achieve it, try having a common vision that everyone in the team understands because nothing brings people together faster than one common goal, and this way each knows how to use their skills to push forward the success of that vision.

Lead by example: So many times, this little saying comes in and many do not exactly understand it and let alone act on it. If it is work that you should do and you as a leader push it on another, then it is only logical that they will also push it on another and the chaos on the little guy on the team who is given to do their own work and that of their leader. It causes a ripple effect which usually causes a negative effect on the quality of work done.

Give them what they need to be successful: You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Then why would you expect your team to perform their tasks if you have not provided what they need to do them? Surely, you may not be able to provide all they want but at least meet their needs before.

Earn their respect and give them yours: It is easy for someone in a leadership position to look down on their team members but try to remember that you respecting them can go a long way in how they respond to you, your ideas or vision, and even them respecting you too. Mutual respect can increase productivity and your value as a leader who can invoke respect from your team.

Leading a team correctly is a big responsibility in the sense that you are in a position in which you can affect each team member’s life, career, and personal physical and mental health.